Inscryption boss guide: How to beat Leshy in Act 2

Inscryption Leshy Boss Guide Leshy Act 2 How To Beat Leshy Act 2 Leshy Cabin Puzzles

Once you’ve selected your starting deck in Act 2 of Inscryption, you can do battle against a couple of Scrybes. My suggestion is to defeat Grimora first, just so you can acquire more Death-type cards that use bone tokens. Next, you’ll want to revisit an old pal. Here’s our Inscryption guide to help you solve the Cabin puzzles and beat Leshy in Act 2.

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Inscryption boss guide – How to solve the Cabin puzzles and defeat Leshy in Act 2

Leshy’s Cabin in Act 2 of Inscryption is at the upper-right corner of the world map. No, it’s not the same place that we just escaped from. In fact, even the enemies here, though they might be familiar, don’t retain the mechanics they’ve had in previous battles.

Solving the puzzles in Leshy’s Cabin

Make sure you open the chest outside the hut (if you haven’t yet) and enter Leshy’s abode. Talk to him and he’ll give a the camera. Next, check the safe to your right. Open it using the same code as before — i.e., 273 (it’s even written on the doggie bowl outside). You’ll receive a piece of meat.

Inscry Ccg A2 Bs Lshgd 1a

The Movable Block puzzle

Before going back outside, you can solve the Movable Block puzzle in this room. To be fair, the previous act did have something similar. But, there’s only one puzzle here and you can see the solution below. You’ll receive two card packs for your efforts.

Inscry Ccg A2 Bs Lshgd 2

The Prospector

Put the meat in the dog bowl and click on the icon to take a picture. Talk to the Prospector near the pathway to the right and defeat him. He’ll let you pass.

Inscryption Leshy Boss Guide Leshy Act 2 How To Beat Leshy Act 2 Leshy Cabin Puzzles 1a

The Angler

Take a photo of the fish bucket, then attach it to the pole. This will make the shark jump and bite it. Take a pic of the shark and bring it to the Angler. Go beat him as well.

Inscryption Leshy Boss Guide Leshy Act 2 How To Beat Leshy Act 2 Leshy Cabin Puzzles 1b

The Trapper/Trader

Go to the left of the Angler to find a small clearing. Open the chest for some extra cards, then push the beartrap in between the two rabbit holes (i.e., the ones further left). Move back to the edge of the screen so the rabbit spawns from the far side. It’ll get crushed by the trap. Take a photo of it.

Note: There’s a passage through the trees near the chest. You’ll find another clearing and speak to the Woodcarver (it’s not required for this puzzle, but it’s a nice touch to see another character here).

Inscryption Leshy Boss Guide Leshy Act 2 How To Beat Leshy Act 2 Leshy Cabin Puzzles 2a

Go back inside Leshy’s Cabin and enter the door to the right. The Trader will transform into the Trapper. Take him out, too.

Note: The Trader has Beast-type cards that require blood as a resource, such as the ridiculously broken Ouroboros. You can also collect cards here that might be of use to the Mycologist Twins.

Inscry Ccg A2 Bs Lshgd 4

Leshy boss fight – Phase 1

The Leshy boss fight in Act 2 of Inscryption is vastly different from what you’ve seen before. He starts the battle with a Stoat (1/2) and Coyote (2/1). Shortly, he’ll bring out an Elk Fawn (1/1) which becomes stronger after a turn (2/4).

The key mechanic here is that Leshy will take pictures of your first three cards that get killed/destroyed, not the ones that are sacrificed. These are based on the following order: summoning cost -> ATK/HP -> sigil. You can actually trick Leshy into giving you something awesome, such as getting a Squirrel to die first (due to the free summoning cost).

Inscryption Leshy Boss Guide Leshy Act 2 How To Beat Leshy Act 2 Leshy Cabin Puzzles 3a

Leshy boss fight – Phase 2

At the start of phase 2, Leshy will hand out five of the same Deathcards based on the stats that he’s collected. So, yes, you can have an amazing combination or something that’s laughable. In my case, I was trying to get something with a free cost (i.e., a Squirrel card gets destroyed first) and a powerful sigil (i.e., the Mantis God is the third to get destroyed).

Unfortunately, I made a mistake and I ended up with five cards with the Warren’s sigil. They’re free, and they summon rabbits when they’re used. I thought that was a terrible predicament, but it actually led me to defeat Leshy. I had so many cards that could be used to block his creatures and they could still deal damage.

Inscryption Leshy Boss Guide Leshy Act 2 How To Beat Leshy Act 2 Leshy Cabin Puzzles 3b

What’s next after beating Leshy in Act 2 of Inscryption?

Leshy will give you a couple of card packs and P03 appears to admonish him. Head back to the world map to check out options. First, there’s a mushroom hut on the right-hand side. The Myconids here will ask you to fuse specific cards so you can obtain the Myconid Key. Likewise, you can grab the Bone Lord Key as well. Lastly, we’ve got two more bosses to face: P03 in his Robot Factory and Magnificus in his Mage Tower.

Inscry Ccg A2 Bs Lshgd 3

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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