Inscryption Unlimited Foil Farm Foil Ouroboros Exploit

During the first act of Inscryption, you were trying to get overkill wins to earn Teeth. In the second act, you’re still going for overkills, but you’re earning a currency called Foil instead. This is actually quite useful since it allows you to purchase cards, including the ones that are required for the Mycologist Key and Bone Lord Key. Still, there’s a way to get a ridiculous amount. Here’s our Inscryption guide to help you farm unlimited Foil during Act 2 by using the Ouroboros boost and Bone Heap exploits.

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Inscryption guide – How to get unlimited Foil with the Bone Heap and Ouroboros exploits

To get started with our unlimited Foil exploits, we’ll first need to gain access to Magnifucs’ Mage Tower (the bottom-left section of the world map). This would require us to beat either Grimora or Leshy so the bridge gets repaired. Heck, just take out both of them so you have extra cards.

Inside the tower, you’ll want to reach the second floor. There, you’ll find the training dummy (as seen in the featured image of this guide). The training dummy uses a few cards, but none of them will actually hurt you. It’s also a fight that you can redo over and over, so we can farm unlimited Foil in Inscryption.

Bone Heap and other Death cards

The first method is more in line with regular game mechanics. It’s still a bit of an exploit, but not too game-breaking. We’re going to need:

  • Bone Heap – Just one is fine.
  • Gravedigger or Sporedigger – One is okay, but more would be better since you want them to appear early. These will generate bones each turn.
  • Skeletons – As many as possible. We’ll use these as fodder.

Note: The Trader in Grimora’s Crypt sells these for Foils, so you’ll probably need some extra currency beforehand.

Inscry Ccg Unl Ourb Nec 1

Here are the next steps:

  • Skip turns until you have a Gravedigger/Sporedigger, several Skeletons, and the Bone Heap.
  • Plop down the Gravedigger/Sporedigger at the far left side (column #1) so it starts generating bones. Continue skipping until you only have one or two cards left.
  • Use three Skeletons and smash them with the hammer for 3x bones. You can now drop the Bone Heap on a vacant spot with no enemy (i.e., column #4). Don’t skip your turn anymore.
  • Continue adding more Skeletons and keep smashing them. Once you have a ton of bones, click on the Bone Heap’s activation to increase its stats.
  • When you run out of fodder, end your turn and watch the Bone Heap one-shot the training dummy. Because of the high ATK, you’ll earn a lot of Foil.

Inscry Ccg Unl Ourb Nec 2

The Ouroboros and Necromancer

If you thought the Bone Heap’s damage was high, wait until you get a load of this:

  • Ouroboros – You can get one from the Trader in Leshy’s Cabin. It costs 8x Foil.
  • Necromancer – You should obtain one by beating some minions, but you could still buy it from the Trader in Grimora’s Crypt.
  • Warren – You should have a few of these from battles/chests or if you picked the Leshy starting deck.
  • Cat – Buy around five from the Leshy’s Cabin Trader.
  • 49er – You should have a few from battles/chests, and you can buy from the P03 Factory Trader as well. We’ll need these to attack opponents without spending blood and bone tokens unnecessarily.
  • Sentry Drone/Sentry Spore – You only need one, so get it from the P03 Factory Trader.

Inscryption Unlimited Foil Farm Foil Ouroboros Exploit 1

Here’s what we need to do:

  • As usual, skip around 15 or so turns. Hopefully, the Ouroboros, Necromancer, and Sentry Drone popped up. You should also have several Warren, Cat, and 49er cards.
  • Place 49er cards in columns #1 and #2. Place the Sentry Drone in column #3. You’ll see this in the image below.
  • Skip a couple of turns. You’ll see that the 49er cards will kill some opponents, and one enemy creature will also move (to be killed by the Sentry Drone).

Inscryption Unlimited Foil Farm Foil Ouroboros Exploit 2

  • When that’s done, you can start the Ouroboros exploit in Inscryption. Don’t skip your turn while you’re doing these steps:
    • Sacrifice the robot cards and drop the Ouroboros in column #1. You should also have 3x bones, so drop the Necromancer in column #3.
    • Sacrifice the Ouroboros to place a Warren or a Cat. Because of the Necromancer’s perk, the Ouroboros will be revived and killed. You’ll end up with two in your deck.
    • Oh, and the Ouroboros has a special perk, too. Its ATK and HP will increase each time it dies.
    • Sacrifice the active Ouroboros and a Warren/Rabbit/Cat/49er to get 2x blood. Drop another Ouroboros there.
      • Warrens (1 blood) spawn Rabbits (free cost) when played. Rabbits can be used for sacrificial purposes.
      • Cats (1 blood) can be sacrificed up to nine times due to their perk.
      • 49ers (2 energy) can be used as sacrifices. You should have energy to spare since you skipped several turns earlier.

Continue with the above steps until the Ouroboros has ridiculously high stats. You could even have multiple Ouroboros copies on the board to greatly increase overkill damage. When you’re satisfied end your turn and watch the training dummy get annihilated.

You don’t even need to redo all the boosting steps above since the Ouroboros retains its stats after every battle. If it already has 150+ ATK, you can just change your deck to have several Skeletons or cards with no costs. Skip a few turns until you see it, sacrifice the zero-cost cards, and drop the Ouroboros to immediately take out your opponent. You’ll receive a lot of resources, making this an easy way to gain unlimited Foil currency during Act 2 of Inscryption.

Inscryption Unlimited Foil Farm Foil Ouroboros Exploit 3

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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