Inscryption Mycologist Key Myconid Key Secret Key Card Duplicate Act 2

The Mycologists or Myconid Twins are folks that you encountered during the first act of Inscryption. You’ll actually meet them again during Act 2, but only after defeating a couple of Scrybes. Here’s our Inscryption guide to help you get all duplicate cards for the secret Mycologist Key in Act 2.

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Inscryption guide: How to get duplicate cards for the Mycologist Key in Act 2

Normally during Act 2 of Inscryption, you’d eliminate Grimora and Leshy first. Once you’re done with that requirement, you’ll see a small mushroom hut on the right-hand side of the world map.

Inscry Ccg A2 Sec1 Myc 1

Inside, you’ll see the Mycologist Twins and a diagram of a card that they need. Find two of that card and they’ll fuse that into a “spore-type” variant. They’ll also show another diagram afterward.

So, where exactly do we find these? The thing is, these cards can be earned from packs. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if they’re guaranteed to drop or if they’re random. What’s guaranteed, though, is that they’re sold by the Foil Trader NPCs in each zone (the fella is usually in one of the side rooms).

Inscry Ccg A2 Sec1 Myc 2

Obviously, you’ll need to amass foils (i.e., the “teeth” that you earn from “overkill” damage in Act 2). That’s because there are instances when you need to buy a couple of other cards before the one you need reappears in the vendor’s pool for that specific space. In my case, these were the card duplicates required for the Mycologist Key in Act 2 of Inscryption:

  • 2x Gravedigger – Grimora’s Crypt Trader (bottom-left space).
  • 2x Field Mice – Leshy’s Cabin Trader (bottom-left space).
  • 2x Sentry Drone – P03’s Factory Trader (upper-right space).
  • 2x Blue Mage – Magnificus’ Tower Trader (bottom-left space).

Inscryption Mycologist Key Myconid Key Secret Key Card Duplicate Act 2 1

Again, whenever you have two of a required card, just go back to the Mycologist Twins so they can fuse them together. They’ll have double the stats and effects (as you can see in the example above).

After you’ve fused four different cards, a strange flickering key will appear. This is a valuable item that’s going to be useful later in your Inscryption campaign. Oh, and don’t forget to obtain the Bone Lord Key as well.

Inscryption Mycologist Key Myconid Key Secret Key Card Duplicate Act 2 2

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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