Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor open world? – Explained

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Open World Is How Many Free Roam Rpg Planets List

Open worlds appear to be all the rage these days in RPGs and adventure games, and you’re likely wondering if Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is open world, too.

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Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor open world?

The answer is not so simple in this case, but one could say that it is an open world game in certain aspects.  The galactic scope of this game makes it a tricky one to call open world. If your idea of an open world game in space is like Mass Effect or Star Citizen, then the answer is no. However, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features a mix of linear levels and larger free roam environments, which is somewhat of an open world experience.

Traditional linear levels where you must follow a relatively narrow path exist for good purpose in Jedi: Survivor. These bring the player to a greater number of locations to progress the story, create more diverse gameplay, and show off unique scenery. One example we know of takes place on the mid-levels of Coruscant.

Then there are massive environments which could be considered open world levels at the very least. As you’d expect, players get the option to free roam and find side quests, fight bosses, solve puzzles, and discover secrets. Somewhere in all of that there will be main story objectives which you can approach at your leisure. Two of the open world levels we know of in Jedi: Survivor are Koboh and Jedha.

Jedi: Fallen Order, the previous installment in this series, featured limited exploration in small world environments. One of the design goals for Jedi: Survivor was to push the explorable expanse within different environments to create something with greater scope, perhaps best described as akin to the Souls games. While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not a full open world (galactic?) experience, it is a large Star Wars adventure with iconic locations and plenty of sights to see.

We’ve also answered several other common questions such as if you need to play Jedi: Fallen Order to understand Jedi: Survivor and the topic of multiplayer and co-op in the sequel.

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