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Kena: Bridge of Spirits is finally available for us to explore. It offers a good-sized world packed with things to find and abilities to upgrade, so I thought some tips might be in order. If you’re jumping into the game for the first time, here are some tips to get you started in Kena: Bridge of Spirits that might make things a bit more clear.

Parrying is necessary for some fights

I was flabbergasted when I lost my first boss fight in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. While the first couple were easy, things quickly take on a Dark Souls-inspired twist, despite the rest of the game decidedly not being like that at all. These enemies can kill Kena in just a few hits, and they hit fast and hard. Kena’s dodge has I-frames, but not a whole lot of them. When you block an attack, your shield energy depletes. But successfully parrying an attack will leave even a boss wide open.

When it comes to practicing these fights, you’re going to want to focus on learning to time your parries just right. Kena may go down quickly, but so do the bosses. If you parry them a few times and then take advantage of the openings this creates, you can easily get in and do some serious damage, making the fights go by much faster and safer. Also, back off and use your bow. You can shoot the yellow crystals on bosses for extra damage too. Don’t forget to send Rot after them when the icon shows up too. That’s insanely useful.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Tips 2

Purple is important

If you see a purple effect swirling about an object or item, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Rot underneath it. When you see purple, take a closer look. Although, there are also purple plants that can throw you off. When it doubt, put a mask on and anything important will be highlighted, letting you know if it’s truly worth going up to. Or you could just wander around aimlessly and find things that way. That’s always fun.

When in doubt, shoot it

Once you get the bow ability in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a ton of great new opportunities will open themselves up. Not only can you use the bow to detonate corruption orbs, but plenty of goodies in the environment can only be interacted with by shooting them. You’ll find pots suspended by trees, fruits to feed the Rot hanging, and crystals that you’ll need to shoot in order to release one of those things that lets the Rot transform and destroy corruption. Also, any time you see a plant open when you get near it and a blue part becomes exposed, just shoot it and you’ll basically teleport right to it. Pretty cool.

Aim in mid-air

You have to buy an ability upgrade in Kena: Bridge of Spirits to slow down time while shooting with the bow ability on the ground. But if you press the aim button while in mid-air, time will also slow down. If you ever want to make a quick shot during combat but you don’t have any focus for doing so on the ground, just hop in the air and aim to fire off a similar shot.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Tips 3

That’s all for our Kena: Bridge of Spirits beginner’s tips. Just keep parrying and even the staunchest foes will fall to you.

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