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King of Seas is an open-world, naval adventure game from developer 3DClouds and publisher Team 17. You play as the scion of the royal family, wrongfully accused and betrayed by ambitious admirals and captains. Thankfully, a ragtag band of pirates manages to rescue you. Now, your task is to stake your claim on the throne.

The game relies a bit on procedural generation as well as a plethora of sidequests, skills, and equipment that are necessary for progression. You’ll be attacking various ships, capturing ports, obtaining plunder, and sailing to the unknown. Anyway, here’s our King of Seas guides and features hub to help you out.


King of Seas: Guides and features hub

Official review – I’ve been a fan of Sid Meier’s Pirates! for a long time, and, truth be told, King of Seas did remind me a bit of the old classic. It has the naval combat system and exploration reminiscent of a game that I truly enjoyed many years ago. Still, there were several issues, most notably related to streamlining and simplifying certain mechanics, that made the experience a little lacking. As usual, we have to ask ourselves if this offering is worthwhile.

The best ship skills and special weapons – Although the game considers various abilities as skills provided by specific crewmen (i.e., boatswain or first mate), these are actually just types of items that you can pick up and equip. Still, a select few of them are quite powerful, at times even helping you cheese quests and battles.

How to reset your talent points – Separate from your equipment and gear pieces are the talent points that you acquire as you level up. Sadly, resetting these points is somewhat of a hassle since the whole thing involves finding an island and doing a quest.

How to capture ports – Later in the campaign, you’ll be able to conquer port settlements/harbors. You can even upgrade settlements, amass more wealth, and defeat invading fleets.

King of Seas is available via Steam.

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King of Seas guide: How to conquer ports and settlements

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