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Lawn Mowing Simulator: How to grow your business and afford things quickly

Cold, hard cash.

Lawn Mowing Simulator has some built-in features that make it easy to get afford better mowers, hire more employees, and get more bays without issue. However, it doesn’t clearly lay out some of this. Granted, you’ll want to increase your rank as much as you can to make more money, but you can find yourself in some trouble if you get too greedy with the game’s loans. Not that the loans are fair or realistic, but if you bear these tips in mind, you’ll be able to get yourself better mowers faster while maximizing your earnings. Here’s how to grow your business in Lawn Mowing Simulator, so you can afford all those cool toys.

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You’ll want to hire an employee as soon as possible, because that allows you to significantly increase your income. Employees ask for little money that you’ll be able to pay off with just one of even the simplest contract per week. You can increase an employee’s rank, which will net you more cash from their contracts. But it takes forever, so focus first on hiring the highest-rank employees you can. You can fire them and hire new ones with ease, so it’s not an issue whatsoever. However, your initial headquarters has a distinct lack of space that will stop you dead in your tracks.


Initially, you have two choices for getting more mower bays in Lawn Mowing Simulator. You can upgrade your starter HQ for 1500 Pounds. This takes several days, so you’ll want to pay for that as soon as you can, unless you’d rather save up for another HQ. The way you purchase HQs isn’t explained well, but it’s simpler than it looks. The value of your current HQ is always taken into account when upgrading to a larger property. That means that you only need to have the difference between two HQs on hand. I didn’t realize this until I was much further in the game.

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Lois Loan

It’ll be awhile before you have a high enough rank for multiple employees, though. After a dozen or so hours of play, you’ll likely only be able to hire two staff members, so don’t worry about getting the biggest HQ early on. It really is the best idea to just spend the 1,500 Pounds on the initial upgrade and then go from there. Once you get the ability to hire a second employee, then you’ll probably have enough cash on hand to upgrade to a better HQ. But Lawn Mowing Simulator lets you take out loans.

The loans are extremely useful for getting better equipment, but the interest is insanely high. Once you accept a loan, you’ll have to pay 50% interest, either over a 10-week period or in a lump sum. It’s highway robbery. You can take out three loans at once, too, even of the same amount. So, you can use this to afford mowers well beyond your means, depending. But that isn’t exactly the best idea, especially considering weekly repayments. There’s a 50,000 Pound loan available once you get your rank high enough, but it costs 7,500 Pounds a week. If you get three of those, you’ll owe 22,500 Pounds weekly, which can easily put you in the red.

You can take out loans as you need them. But you simply need to be mindful of the inherent risk, as the game won’t warn you if you bite off more than you can chew. It’s worth mentioning that you can freely swap between HQs if your finances are looking risky. Similarly, you can sell your mowers and attachments without losing much of anything, so don’t be afraid to do that. If worse comes to worst, you might have to take out a loan just to afford your weekly loan payments, which is a scary thought that actually happens to a lot of people.

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The buck stops here

A good piece of advice for Lawn Mowing Simulator is, if you’re trying to be frugal, your employees can take on more lucrative contracts with even the slowest lawnmowers in the game. You won’t see any negative repercussions for this. Plus, you can have one great mower for yourself, and multiples of the crummiest mower for your employees. It won’t matter at all. Granted, you’ll need to have access to certain attachments to accept some contracts, so that won’t always be the best course of action.

It’s also worth mentioning that you need to repair your mowers. There isn’t a ‘repair all’ function, so you’ll need to go in and manually maintain each component of every mower you have. You don’t want a mower to break down or run out of fuel in the middle of a contract. However, if you yourself a riding a mower and this happens, you can get off at any time and refuel the thing or change the blades out, but your employees will have no such help. As long as you keep all of the above in mind, your mowing business will be in good shape.

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