Loopmancer skills guide: The best skills to unlock using Cores

Loopmancer Best Skills Cores Guide

Loopmancer allows you to unlock skills for Xiang Zixu using cores. You can’t do this during missions, though. In fact, you can’t do this during an active run, as Zixu has to die so he can wake up again in his apartment. There, you’ll be able to access the device that lets you obtain new perks. Here’s our Loopmancer guide to help you unlock the best skills for Zixu, as well as the methods to gain additional cores.

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Loopmancer guide – How to get cores and the best skills to unlock with them

How to get more cores in Loopmancer

There are a couple of ways to acquire more cores in Loopmancer:

  • Post-mission rewards from the police chief – After completing a level, you’ll be back at the police station. You can ride the elevator to the police chief’s office (which should have a gift box icon). Select “requires cores” (or “request cores” rather) to obtain a few.
  • Investigation and Memento board – As you progress further in the campaign, you’ll receive key info for the investigation and memento board in Zixu’s room. Click on the ones that can be accessed. Some grant cores while others provide credits.

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The best skills in Loopmancer

You can interact with the device in Zixu’s living room to open the skill tree. While there are three panels and roughly a dozen perks, the process is somewhat overly simplified. Likewise, only a select few will ever feel useful in the long run. Here are the ones that I consider the best skills in Loopmancer:

  • Health: Better Safe Than Sorry (Extra Soda) – For survivability, you can ignore the boosts to HP and stamina. Instead, you’ll want to grab additional soda (i.e., health potions). With more of these HP flasks in store, your future runs should be more manageable.
  • Balance Guarantee – There’s only one row here, and it’s got perks that allow you to retain some credits even after dying. The upgrades here aren’t particularly important compared to those related to combat mechanics. Still, you might want to spend some extra cores in case you want to upgrade a weapon in the police station with some leftover credits.

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  • Combat – This panel has several amazing options:
    • Melee Parry – This can save your life when you least expect it. Basically, there’s a chance that your melee attacks will cause projectiles to bounce back to the attacker.
    • Deflect – A more active variant of the above, as you need to press the “X” key at the right moment. This deflects both melee and ranged hits, while also causing a momentary stun effect.
    • Narrow Escape – Another great option to have since it grants you an extra life. Instead of dying to lethal damage, you’ll be healed a little so you can pop a potion or evade foes. This can only trigger once per level.
    • Inspire – You’ll replenish a bit of stamina when your melee attacks hit enemies. This is particularly useful given that Loopmancer is all about a lot of dodging and followed by timely strikes when the opportunity presents itself. Regaining stamina through melee hits means you can dodge, sprint, and attack more often.

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Loopmancer is available via Steam.

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