Loopmancer guide: How to rescue Lisbeth in FengLi Walled City

Loopmancer Rescue Lisbeth Su Wenjun

Loopmancer begins with Xiang Zixu investigating the disappearance of a reporter named Lisbeth. Knowing that a man named Wei Long is the prime suspect, Zixu chases him down. Wei Long manages to escape, but not for long, as Zixu puts an end to him to claim his electronic brain. Soon, he’ll learn of Lisbeth’s whereabouts, but a mysterious caller also has important news: his wife is, apparently, still alive. Here’s our Loopmancer guide to help you rescue Lisbeth so you can also reach Su Wenjun before the timer expires.

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Loopmancer guide – How to save Lisbeth and reach Su Wenjun

The dilemma to rescue Lisbeth or Su Wenjun in Loopmancer occurs after beating Wei Long. When you get to the police station, you’re told to choose between two locations:

  • FengLi Walled City/Lisbeth – You have to rescue Lisbeth “within the hour,” giving you just enough time to save Su Wenjun as well.
  • Kouga Sea Base – If you think the above is too risky, then you can forget about saving the reporter. Instead, you’ll prioritize Zixu’s wife.

Naturally, going to FengLi Walled City is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Mind you, that “one-hour time limit” is actually a joke. The time limit is just around 10 minutes, so you really need to rush.

Note: If you think you won’t make it, you can pause the game and restart the level. At the very least, you’ll have another shot, and maybe you’ll have more luck with that attempt.

Loopmancer Rescue Lisbeth Su Wenjun 1

Here’s what you can expect:

  • There’s a thunderstorm in Fengli Walled City, so you’ll want to avoid lightning strikes when they pop up.
  • The first section has several ledges with lots of baddies. Feel free to avoid most of them, but be wary of traps.

Loopmancer Rescue Lisbeth Su Wenjun 2

  • The second area can be a little confusing if you didn’t fully explore it. That’s because the path heading downward is blocked. You’ll need to find a switch that tends to be a couple of screens away. This will open the door, allowing you to pass through to the next section.
  • In the third area, you’ll have to ride moving containers. Watch out for obstacles (i.e., you’ll crouch to get past small gaps or wall jump to the opposite side).
  • The fourth area is fairly short, as it’s an open field with several hostiles.

Loopmancer Rescue Lisbeth Su Wenjun 3

Finally, you’ll reach FengLi Walled City proper. You’re not done yet because you’ll have to fight Song Boyong… while the clock is still ticking. Try to keep cool and, soon, you should be able to rescue Lisbeth and Su Wenjun in Loopmancer.

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Loopmancer is available via Steam.

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