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Song Boyong is another boss in Loopmancer. Your battle against him is actually fairly important. If you decided to rescue Lisbeth in FengLi Walled City, then you’ll have to go through the level while keeping track of the 10-minute time limit. Not only that, but you also have to take out your foe at the end of the mission. Here’s our Loopmancer guide to help you defeat Song Boyong in FengLi Walled City so you can save Lisbeth.

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Loopmancer Song Boyong boss guide

This mission will come down to the wire depending on how long it took you to traverse the entirety of the FengLi Walled City level. Remember, that one-hour time limit is a joke, and you’ve got roughly 10 minutes only. As such, you’ll have to rush when taking down Song Boyong, while also being wary of his attacks.

Note: If you think you won’t make it, you can pause the game and restart the level. At the very least, you’ll have another shot, and maybe you’ll have more luck with that attempt.

Loopmancer Song Boyong Guide Lisbeth Fengli Walled City 1

Here’s what you need to take note of in the Song Boyong boss fight in Loopmancer:

  • Elemental Sparks – Song Boyong’s abilities and projectiles will either afflict you with an electrocution or burning debuff. This also includes floating drones that are used as projectiles, homing in on you from across the screen. You’ll need to dodge several of these in quick succession.
  • Bouncing Boy-yo-yong – Song Boyong will sometimes leap high up in the air before crashing down on the ground. He’ll do this attack multiple times, so look out for the streaks and dodge them.
  • Blackout – The screen will go dark periodically, with your foe taunting you. He’ll then reappear and strike, so make sure you avoid this move when it occurs.

As usual, properly utilizing your dodge and plopping down the Auto Turret (if you have it) can save you a lot of trouble. The gadget itself deals extra DPS, which is extremely useful due to the limited time that you have to beat this foe.

With a bit of luck, you should be able to defeat Song Boyong in Loopmancer. If you managed to rescue Lisbeth within the time limit, then Zixu will see Su Wenjun in the next level. There, you’ll have to face Hiroyuki Ogata.

Loopmancer Song Boyong Guide Lisbeth Fengli Walled City 2

Loopmancer is available via Steam.

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