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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has introduced a new gameplay mechanic that looks to change how gunfights go down. In past installments switching to your pistol was almost always a better choice than reloading. It’s quicker to do and gives you a better chance of winning a gunfight in a pinch. That still remains true in Modern Warfare 2 but the new Pistol Swap mechanic makes switching to your secondary stronger than ever before.

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What is Pistol Swapping?

The Pistol Swap is a new mechanic introduced in Modern Warfare 2. As in past titles, you can switch to your pistol to better your chance of winning a gunfight when low on ammo. Reloading most weapons in Modern Warfare 2 takes around two seconds while switching to your pistol takes around half a second.

However, by using Pistol Swapping you can shorten the time that it takes to pull out your secondary even further. Pistol Swapping lets you immediately pull out your secondary by moving your primary to the side rather than fully putting it away. It can’t be used whilst sprinting but is otherwise a great option for finishing off enemy players quickly when your magazine is empty.

How to Pistol Swap in Modern Warfare 2

To Pistol Swap you need to be using a specific set of attachments. It varies from pistol to pistol, but you are looking for a Rear Grip that has “Pistol Fastdraw” listed as one of its pros. For the X12 and X13 Auto, you’ll need the Cronen Lima-6. The P890 can be Pistol Swapped while using the Bruen RSH-80 Grip. As for the heavy hitters the .50 GS requires the GS .50 Wood Grain to be equipped and the Basilisk revolver needs the SO RO-99 Grip.

With any of these attachments equipped all you have to do is switch to your pistol as you normally would. You’ll be able to use the unique draw animation that makes Pistol Swapping so powerful. Be aware that these Pistol Fastdraw rear grips are unlocked at a high weapon level for each pistol so you will need to grind to use them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available on PC via and Steam.

Modern Warfare 2 Pistol Swap Comparison

Pistol Swapping with a dedicated grip (top) is much faster than just switching to your pistol normally (bottom).

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