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Using gaming mice with an extreme hearing sensitivity isn’t fun. When I buy a new one, I never know what I’m going to get. Some mice have tolerable clicks, others have high-pitched ones. There are a handful of quiet mice available, but most of them aren’t built with gaming in mind. Cheap construction and questionable performance is the norm for some of the ones that are. Enter the MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse. I was able to spend some time with one, and while calling it silent is misleading, it’s probably the quietest high-quality gaming mouse on the market.

Before I started using this mouse, I’d ordered a Tenmos K85, as I like to try the mice that are built with quiet in mind. While the left and right clicks of the Tenmos were satisfyingly quiet, the middle clicks and backward/forward side buttons were significantly louder than that of an average mouse. In addition, the build quality was seriously lacking, as it was light and felt like it might fall apart in my hand. Going from that to the MOJO was a massive upgrade, even if this mouse’s left and right clicks are a bit more audible overall.


The most important thing that the MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse can offer is quiet clicks. The left and right mouse buttons don’t make a clicking sound at all. Hitting them results in a sound and sensation more akin to that of face buttons on a gamepad. However, they’re not silent. The sound they make is audible, but quiet and not high-pitched at all. There are a fair amount of buttons on this mouse, including four on the left-hand side, as opposed to the standard two that most mice have. These four buttons are similarly quiet. One of them is an FN button, which works well for easily highlighting text. The last is a rapid-fire key, which comes in handy for certain games.

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The only button on the Mojo Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse that isn’t quiet is the scroll wheel clicker. Truthfully, the sound of this button isn’t notably less than that of many other mice. However, it’s also not high-pitched, so I didn’t find it uncomfortable. As such, if you’re actually looking for a mouse that’s quite literally silent, this isn’t it. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure that hypothetical mouse even exists. This one, however, is the best I’ve used, so that sets it apart regardless. It’s worth mentioning that this mouse is wired, but the cable is a good length, and there are always benefits to using wired components.

Build me up

The build of the Mojo Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse is up to the standard of pricier gaming mice. It’s not notably different in feel to, say, a high-quality Logitech mouse. The feel of the mouse itself is good. It’s sturdy, seeming to be built to last. The buttons also have enough of a tactile feel when pressed. Aside from the left, right, scroll wheel, and four side buttons, there are also two DPI buttons that can adjust sensitivity on the fly. The mouse is also quite accurate, and it weighs 127 grams, so it’s neither too heavy nor too light. In a lot of ways, the mouse feels just right to me.

As this is a gaming mouse, yes, it lights up. There’s a logo at the bottom, plus the scroll wheel lights up as well. Then there’s an illuminated MOJO in letters on the left side. The first two of these can be turned off, while I simply couldn’t find a way to shut off the MOJO. The lighting’s color can be adjusted by picking from six colors, or by selecting the desired shades via a bar. The amount of red, blue, and green can also be selected via numbers. The above is, of course, accomplished via software downloaded from the company’s website, which can also be used to adjust the brightness of the lighting, or turn it off entirely. This software is, along with the loudness of the middle click, one of the few detriments this mouse has.

The settings window is simply tiny due to its scaling down problem at higher resolutions. At 1440p, it’s so small that I can barely see it. At 4K, there’s no point in even trying. Even when attempting to turn off the other lights on the mouse, the software doesn’t work as it should. Turning off the logo and scroll wheel lights required me to open the software, turn all the lights down, and close down the software. But one of the lights was still on, so I opened the software again only to notice that all of the light settings had gone all the way back up. But one of the lights on the mouse had stayed off. Turning them all off again resulted in a second light being shut off. At the very least, the third light, which doesn’t appear to be dimmable at all, is hard to notice and not all that problematic for those who prefer to have the lights off.

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Get your MOJO running

Using the program, there’s a standard suite of customization that’s familiar, even if said program remains barebones compared to what you might be used to. You can choose the DPI values you wish to cycle between, plus set macros and gamer profiles. The MOJO PRO Performance Silent Gaming Mouse goes up to 12,000 DPI with a 1000 Hz polling rate, so it’s decently responsive. I think most people would be able to adjust it to their preferred comfort level. The mouse costs $60 USD, which I feel is a solid mid-range price, considering.

The “silent” part of the name is somewhat misleading, but this has quickly become my go-to gaming mouse, and I don’t see myself switching it for anything else, period. It’s a well-made, responsive mouse that does most of what you’d expect better than other quiet mice. It’s an easy recommendation for someone who has a hearing sensitivity, doesn’t wish to wake their partner at night, or simply likes a quieter mouse. Still, I wish the scroll wheel click was quieter, and I’m curious as to why it isn’t. I also hope that the mouse software is improved in the future. I’d love to see MOJO make more quiet mice in the future, as I’m quite fond of this one’s design. I’d like to see if they could improve on it. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to turn the light on the side off. It’s like a little neon sign.

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MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse


Although the scroll wheel click seems almost standard and the included software is underwhelming, the MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse is a great choice for anyone looking for a gaming mouse that's both high-quality and on the quieter side.

Andrew Farrell
Andrew Farrell has an extreme hearing sensitivity called hyperacusis that keeps him away from all loud noises.  Please do not throw rocks at his window.  That is rude.  He loves action and rpg games, whether they be AAA or indie.  He does not like sports games unless the sport is BASEketball. He will not respond to Journey psych-outs.

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