Mortal Shell Tarsus The First Martyr Boss Guide

Tarsus the First Martyr is the boss at the end of Mortal Shell‘s aptly named Crypt of Martyrs zone. Here’s our guide on how to beat him.

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Mortal Shell: Tarsus the First Martyr boss guide

You can follow our exploration guide to know how to reach the Crypt of Martyrs zone via one of the exits in Fallgrim. Additionally, our Martyr’s Blade guide tells you how to get the weapon, its upgrades/skills, as well as the Solemn Offering material in the area.

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In any case, once you reach the Crypt of Martyrs – Altar area, speak with Sester Genessa to activate that savepoint. Oh, and before you drink from that chalice, check out the tunnel to the left. It leads to a small room with a Glimpse of Truth and an Effigy of Eredrim.

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Phase 1

Tarsus the Martyr begins the boss fight by turning invisible and zipping across the arena in a flash — he’ll do this three times in succession. He’s ridiculously fast so make sure to dodge when you hear the sound of “whispers.”

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He also throws his blade on the ground, zooming towards it and doing a vicious sideswipe. Oh, and going to the edge of the arena will damage you due to the cold.

There are two instances when you can damage him. First is when he does two consecutive lunges (attack after the second lunge and move away).

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The other method is to wait for him to channel his blizzard spell. Once he does that, he’s defenseless and you can unleash combos to stun him.

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Phase 2

After dropping his health to zero for the first time, Tarsus the First Martyr will have additional abilities. More often than not, he’ll skate around you and quickly evade your attacks.

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The best time to damage him, as usual, is after he does his lunges.

Mortal Shell Tarsus The First Martyr Boss Guide 3b

His other ability causes multiple jagged icicles to erupt from the ground. Get away from Tarsus immediately when he’s charging this, or you’ll get frozen and take heavy damage once the ice shatters.

Mshell Bss Trs 1

After killing Tarsus, pick up the Glimpse of Insignificance consumable (which nets you some glimpses).

Mshell Bss Trs 2

Gland Run

Next, take the gland so we can begin the level’s “Gland Run” mode.

Mshell Bss Trs 3

In my opinion, this is the hardest Gland Run in Mortal Shell. That’s because of the distance from the boss’ arena to the entranceway.

Mshell Bss Trs 4

Plus, the Gollums are all over the place now. Their surprise pounces can be very annoying.

Mshell Bss Trs 5

Make your way back to Fallgrim Tower and bring the gland to the Old Prisoner. You’ll get the Crystalline enhanced riposte upgrade for your efforts. The ability sends out your Foundling to dash and deal damage.

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