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Nightingale: How to fix login failed network error

Irritating internet issues.

No one likes jumping into a game you’re excited to play and getting a connection error. If you’re experiencing a login failed network error in Nightingale, we can help figure out how to fix it.

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Since the game has recently launched in Early Access, you’re bound to experience errors along the way. Here are some possible solutions.

How to fix login failed network error in Nightingale

Since Nightingale is an online-only game, network issues will be common. Here are some methods you can try to mitigate these problems.

Nightingale: How to fix login failed network error
Screenshot: Inflexion Games

Check your internet connection

Nightingale warns players to have a stable internet connection to be able to play. If you’ve noticed recently that your internet has been pretty bad, you should check your internet connection and speed.

Perhaps you need to restart your router or move your PC closer to it. Nevertheless, verifying your network connection can help figure out what the root cause of this problem is.

Update your drivers

If you’re sure that your internet connection is stable enough, you should also verify that your necessary drivers are up-to-date. You must have the latest graphics driver update to ensure that Nightingale can run smoothly.

If you’re with Nvidia, you can use Geforce Experience to keep your driver updated. For AMD users, try out AMD Adrenalin, which can perform the same task. You can also find most graphic driver updates online through your manufacturer’s website.

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Verify your game files

Sometimes you may just have some corrupted or broken game files that could be causing this issue. You can easily verify your game files by following these steps:

  1. Find Nightingale in your Steam Library.
  2. Right-click and select “Properties.”
  3. Under “Installed Files,” select “Verify integrity of game files“.

This shouldn’t affect your save file, but it will make sure to fix any broken files in your game. It’s a fast and easy way of making sure your installed game itself isn’t the problem.

Check if servers are offline

You may be getting this error simply because the servers are down for all players. Make sure to follow and check Nightingale’s Twitter/X account for any updates on server maintenance and other issues.

Just recently I noticed Inflexion Games posted about server maintenance happening, meaning anyone who would try to play Nightingale would have server connection issues.

Once you finally get yourself back online, you may be interested in creating a Nightingale dedicated server for you and your friends.

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