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Optimzed XDefiant PC settings for high FPS and visibility

Boost visibility and FPS in XDefiant with these settings.

XDefiant is a highly competitive FPS where every advantage counts, so PC players will want to tweak their settings to get the highest possible framerate and best visibility during gameplay so they can get the drop on enemies and survive more firefights. Here are the best PC settings for XDefiant.

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Best PC Settings for XDefiant

While XDefiant is well-optimized and runs on most machines, you can stretch powerful hardware pretty far and squeeze a ton of frames out of this free-to-play FPS on both PC and consoles. PC players have the added benefit of being able to adjust their graphical settings to boost visibility, too, allowing them to see hidden enemies more easily and maintain control of the battlefield.

Whether you want to maximize your framerate or spot enemies more easily during matches, these are the best XDefiant PC settings:

  • Field of View: 120
  • ADS Field of View: Consistent
  • Triple Buffering: Off
  • Reduced Latency: On
  • NVIDIA Reflect Low Latency: On + Boost
  • Brightness: 10
  • Contrast: 18
  • DX12 Renderer: On
  • HDR: On (If your display supports it)
  • V-Sync Mode: Off
  • Framerate Limit: Off
  • Custom FPS Limit: Maximum
  • Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Spot Shadows: Medium
  • Spot Shadow Resolution: Medium
  • Contact Shadows: Off
  • Resolution Scale: 100%
  • Sharpening: 7
  • Particle Detail: Low
  • Volumetric Fog: Low
  • Global Reflection Quality: Low
  • Local Reflection Quality: Off
  • Vegetation Quality: Low
  • Sub-Surface Scattering: On
  • Ambient Occlusion: Medium
  • Object Detail: 0
  • Extra Streaming Distance: 5
  • Lens Flare: Off
  • Water Quality: Low
  • Chromatic Aberration: Off
  • Terrain Quality: Medium

Ultimately, most of the settings should be set to low to reduce clutter and produce the cleanest possible picture so you can spot enemies easily. You still want the game to look decent, though, so some settings like Terrain Quality can be left at medium or higher if your rig can handle it.

This optimized settings list also boosts settings like Sharpness and Contrast to make enemies stand out more against dimly lit backgrounds.

XDefiant is a shooter designed with competitive players in mind, though, so most of the visibility issues and visual clutter that you’d see in an FPS like Call of Duty aren’t present on most of its maps. You should have a great experience regardless of your graphical settings, but don’t forget to tweak your sensitivity and control settings to give yourself more control over your weapons.

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