Persona 3 Reload: Where to find the Handheld Game Console

Persona 3 Reload Handheld Game Console Guide
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For Elizabeth’s 11th request in Persona 3 Reload, she tasks you with finding her a Handheld Game Console. In 2009 you couldn’t walk 10 steps without seeing a DS or a PSP somewhere in the wild. But in this game, that task is a little trickier.

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Where to find a Handheld Game Console in Persona 3 Reload

You’ll find the Handheld Game Console in Persona 3 Reload by talking to Junpei back in the Student Dormitory. Depending on the day Junpei may not be at the Dorms when you are. If that’s the case just return the next day and check again. When you see Junpei, you should notice that he’s got a little exclamation mark over his head instead of the usual speech bubble. This indicates that he’s got some kind of request linked to him. So talk to him and you’ll get the Handheld Game Console.

Persona 3 Reload Handheld Game Console Junpei
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The Handheld Game Console is one of the first requests you’ll run into that has a deadline. In this case, the deadline is 6/6, which isn’t very long at all. And time can easily slip away from you when you least expect it. So, if you grab this request, make sure to do it immediately. Don’t worry too much if you’ve already missed a couple of requests though. There’s always New Game Plus for when you want to fully complete everything the game has to offer.

It was trickier in the original game since you didn’t have that exclamation mark hanging over characters to let you know they were important. You kind of just had to ask everyone until you got lucky. But in Persona 3 Reload, finding the requested items has never been easier.

A lot of Elizabeth’s other requests have been made a lot easier in general. But some can still be a little tricky. I guess Atlus still needed ways to trick players now and then. One of the more awkward ones involves finding a Juzumaru, which has been slightly easier this time around.

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