Yhwach Project Mugetsu
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Project Mugetsu Yhwach Boss: Time, how to join, and drops

Not time for the world to end just yet.

The Yhwach boss in Project Mugetsu is a limited-time boss who will only be available to fight for the next few weeks. You’ll need to be there on time for a chance at fighting him.

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Project Mugetsu Yhwach boss starting times and how to join

To join the Yhwach fight in Project Mugetsu, you will have to be at the Soul Society, Wanden, or Karakura at certain times on certain days. You’ll be teleported to the boss fight with everyone else on the server.

This makes Yhwach a limited-time raid boss, so try to take him down at every opportunity.

Here is a list of all the starting times for the Yhwach fight:

  • 19th May – 12 to 1 PM EST
  • 25th May – 3 PM EST
  • 2nd June – 11 AM EST

There are only two more opportunities to fight Yhwach, so if you haven’t made one already, then you’ll need to make sure you can attend one of the later ones.

Yhwach Boss Project Mugetsu
Image: Osiris Productions

This boss is incredibly tough, so you’ll have to really take the week to grind the game to get max level. If you aren’t prepared – you may get one shot. You’ll need a great clan also to really boost your chances of survival.

Also, be prepared to face more than one boss. That’s right, you won’t just be facing Yhwach. One at a time, you’ll also be fighting:

  • Candace
  • Yhwach
  • Bombetta
  • Asnot
  • Askin
  • Yhwach (final fight)

So train up and join the event when the time comes.

Yhwach boss fight drops in Project Mugetsu

To get any Yhwach boss rewards in Project Mugetsu, you’ll need to do any sort of damage. Even if you hit Yhwach once and get carried for the rest of the event, you’ll still be entitled to rewards. Boss rewards do not scale with the percentage of damage you deal – so don’t worry.

All Project Mugetsu Yhwach boss rewards are:

  • Yhwach Cloak (unknown chance)
  • Yhwach Medallion (unknown chance)
  • 40 Orbs (50% chance)
  • Spins (guaranteed)
  • Gold (guaranteed)

We know that the Yhwach Cloak gives the following buff: 130+ Reiatsu Buff, 0.8+ Damage Buff, 1.3+ Health Regen Buff, 7+ Speed Buff

Note that the Yhwach Sword will be available to be pulled two weeks after the event ends (after June 2nd), so don’t abandon the game after the world event is finished.

Even if you aren’t too fussed about the rewards, the fight will be worth taking part in.

If you want to really power up as a Soul Reaper, you’ll need to know how to get your Bankai.

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