Psa You Can Get A Pet Fish In Another Crabs Treasure
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PSA: You can get a pet fish in Another Crab’s Treasure

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

This fish was an unexpected find for a Stowaway, so this is a PSA for Another Crab’s Treasure players that you can get a pet fish!

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Yes, you can pet your pet fish in Another Crab’s Treasure

While playing through the main story of this colorful underwater Soulslike, I visited the Expired Grove and came across a mini-boss named Diseased Lichenthrope. Sometime after I had beaten the difficult creature, I found a Stowaway called Chum. I thought this would act as any other Stowaway, but in fact when you activate Chum you’ll get a little fish to follow you around!

Psa You Can Get A Pet Fish In Another Crabs Treasure Diseased Lichenthrope
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is a PSA for anyone player Another Crab’s Treasure to beat the Diseased Lichenthrope so you can get a pet fish. Wherever I go, they go, and if they disappear for some reason they’ll return to me when I enter and exit a Moon Snail Shell. It requires 20 Vitality to equip, but by this point, I already had that stat high enough.

Psa You Can Get A Pet Fish In Another Crabs Treasure Follower
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Not only can you pet the lil’ guy, but they’ll also help fight enemies alongside you. If you notice that your fish isn’t around you, they’re probably attacking a nearby enemy. They don’t hit very hard, but I don’t mind.

Chum Stowaway
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When I first acquired Chum I equipped the Stowaway before even thinking about it, leading me to seeing Chum follow me around and wondering where he came from. House later I was looking back at my Stowaways and noticed that Chum was just a Stowaway and not a random fish I just found.

You’ll get the chance to explore the Expired Grove once you reach New Carcinia and reach the point in the story where you’re on a hunt to find buried treasure. The treasure is in this Expired Grove somewhere, so it seems like the Diseased Lichenthrope is a non-missable mini-boss.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see a surprise like this pop up in a game where I thought I was going to be on this adventure alone. Now I can turn to my fish at any point and pet them! Other than this cute pet, you can acquire or hire Stowaways to buff yourself for future fights.

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