If you happened to take a look at our Redout: Space Assault review, you likely noticed that a common complaint referenced issues with particularly difficult or unwieldy missions. The problem is that players cannot skip these stages, so it became critical for us to figure out a few ways to “unblock” progression in Redout: Space Assault.

Here are just a few of the ideas that we came up with, throughout our time with the game.



Level up your arsenal

If there is one surefire way to improve your chances of progression throughout the Redout: Space Assault campaign, it’s through having a stout arsenal. At least early on, my goal was to have the weapons and missiles leveled up as high as possible. The sweet spot that I found was keeping them one level higher than the current chapter being played. If you can manage to keep this up throughout the storyline, life will be far easier for you.

Redout Space Assault guide

Embrace the grind

It’s somewhat difficult to actually follow our first suggestion without digging into this hint as well. In order to level up your weaponry, you’ll need to generate enough spacebucks to afford said upgrades. If you’re short on the needed digital duckets, you can absolutely go back and replay previously completed missions. In this case, it’s best to retread stages with remaining side objectives to complete, as it will allow you to maximize the cash payout of each replay. That said, even if all objectives have been cleared, there will still always be a nominal prize for each map cleared, even on the twentieth time around.

Redout Space Assault guide

Slow down

Especially on the, “clear 60% of enemies” missions, the key to success is in ignoring the signals the game tries to send you. By its nature, Redout: Space Assault will try to force you through stages as quickly as possible. However, you do have the option to ignore all of that entirely. This approach will allow you to get in more shots on the enemy. Avoid using boost rings and the ship’s boost ability to slow things down enough to improve you enemy clearing percentages. If you’re still having problems, you can also push back on the left controller stick in order to force your ship to slow down even further.

Scout ahead

There are several times throughout the on-rails portion of the campaign where it’s necessary to race against other competitors. In this case, it’s critical to scout ahead on the track in order to determine the best flight plan and maximize your boosting opportunities. Also, it’s very crucial to know where you are on a map, relative to other objects that might obstruct your flight. After all, nobody wants to inadvertently boost into the side of an asteroid or space station.

Redout Space Assault guide

When playing through the more traditional shooter stages, you also have very little control of the direction your ship is flying in. This will lead to numerous occasions where you might miss a pickup, simply because the ship makes a ninety degree turn at an unexpected time. However, if you’re paying attention and notice that there are coins scattered throughout the course, you might as well consider these an obvious indication of where an unexpected pivot might occur. If you keep a keen eye out, you can save yourself from an assload of frustration in the future.

Redout: Space Assault is currently available for purchase via Steam. For more help with games, check out our other guides.

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