Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough All Sphere Puzzle Solutions
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Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 Chapter 3 walkthrough: All sphere puzzle solutions

Secret spheres and shifting terrain.

This walkthrough will cover Chapter 3 of Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 so you can figure out all the sphere puzzle solutions. Chapter 3 includes quite a few interesting and difficult puzzles involving placing spheres onto pedestals.

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Sphere puzzle 1
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How to escape the dark forest in Hellblade 2 Chapter 3

After rescuing and meeting Fargrimr during Chapter 2, alongside freeing Thorgestr the slave master, you three set off to eventually take down Illtauga the giant. The beginning of this Chapter is mostly linear walking, dialogue, and cutscenes as you come face-to-face with the terrifying Illtauga for the first time.

H2 Torch
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After the three of you escape, Senua falls back into her mind and finds herself lost in a dark forest, attempting to ignore the voice of her father taunting her. The first place I got stuck at was the torch, which you must pick up by interacting with it. For some reason I thought it wasn’t interactable, but the only way forward is by picking up the torch.

H2 Red Path
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This section of Chapter 3 has you picking the right forks in the road. I suggest you ignore the paths that glow red, as anytime you try to walk through them the forces of your oppressive father stop you. You’ll also face enemies along the way until you make it to a brazier in the middle of an open area. Light your torch once again, and fight against your father’s forces.

After this final fight, Senua enters a cutscene where her father attempts to burn her at the stake, but her will is strong and she pushes him back into the depths of her mind. Back in the real world now, Senua will set off on her own to find the Hidden Folk. They may know a way to defeat Illtauga.

All sphere and pedestal puzzle solutions in Hellblade 2 Chapter 3

There are a plethora of puzzles ahead that make you find spheres to place into pedestals, and getting to these spheres requires some sharp thinking. They start easy but soon get more difficult.

Sphere puzzle 1

Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough All Sphere Puzzle Solutions 1
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You’ll quickly find your first puzzle after setting out to find the Hidden Folk. As you can see from this overview shot above, the sphere required for the pedestal on the right is just to the left with a purple glow. Grab the sphere and place it on the pedestal to pass this area.

Sphere puzzle 2

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  • Puzzle 2 Sphere

The next Sphere puzzle takes place underground, and as soon as you pick up the sphere the world changes around you. The pedestal is just up ahead, and placing the sphere down reveals a floating bubble.

Focus on the bubble to change the terrain around you. It allows you to walk right through, up a ledge, and to the second sphere required. Hop back down and place the sphere on the pedestal to continue.

Sphere puzzle 3

  • Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough All Sphere Puzzle Solutions 3
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This time you’ll need three spheres. To find the first one, continue walking forward until you come to a hill. Up this hill is the first sphere, and picking this up changes the atmosphere to look like you’re in a cave.

Place it on the pedestal and Focus on the bubble that just appeared. It’ll allow you to climb up to the ledge ahead of you, but once you’re up there you need to Focus once more to give you a path to the sphere. Grab the sphere, then Focus on the bubble once more to grant you a ledge to jump down. Place this sphere on the pedestal, and now for the third.

Focus on the bubble that creates a bridge for you to cross. Walk up the hill, cross the bridge, then Focus on the bubble at the very end of the bridge. This will make the last sphere appear down below. To make it there, walk back to where you came from and Focus on the bubble that created the bridge. It’ll now open up the area where the last sphere is.

Sphere puzzle 4

  • Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough All Sphere Puzzle Solutions 4
  • Puzzle 4 1
  • Puzzle 4 2
  • Puzzle 4 3

The first sphere for this puzzle is just ahead of you up a hill overlooking the lake. Grab the sphere, and you’ll find yourself back in the cave. Place it in the pedestal, then Focus on the bubble that just appeared. It’ll grant you a pathway up to the second sphere that was once on the ceiling.

After grabbing that sphere and slotting it in the pedestal, Focus on that same bubble again. This will make the second sphere available for grabs, but you still need a pathway to it. Walk to the other side of the cavern and Focus on the bubble that grants you another ledge. You can now head left and climb up the ledge, walking across this platform until you find the third bubble. You’ll be rudely interrupted by draugar after you Focus on it.

Take down these draugar, and watch out for the one that can blow fire at you. Jump down to the lower level of the cave and walk to the end. You should see a way up to a small pathway against the cavern wall. It’ll make you crawl under a small space, but it should lead you to the final sphere.

Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough All Sphere Puzzle Solutions Hidden Folk Entrance
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After completing this puzzle, you’re essentially at the end of Chapter 3, as the water in the lake ahead of you turns into a whirlpool. This whirlpool lowers the water level so you can walk down into the hidden entrance to the Hidden Folk deep underground.

Hopefully, you found this Chapter 3 walkthrough of Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 helpful enough to figure out all the sphere puzzle solutions. Now you’ll have to face some more tough puzzles in Chapter 4.

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