Should you cooperate with Eve in Stellar Blade
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Should you cooperate with Adam in Stellar Blade? Both outcomes, explained

Should you help Adam?

After completing the Eidos 7 section of Stellar Blade, Adam will ask you to join forces with him to save Axiom once and for all. You’re presented with two dialogue options, either “cooperate” or “don’t cooperate.” Are you unsure if you should cooperate with Adam in Stellar Blade? This guide explains both outcomes.

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Stellar Blade: Should you cooperate with Adam?

In Stellar Blade, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to cooperate or not with Adam since your decision will have zero impact on the story. The only difference between each decision is the dialogue that follows in the cutscene. Still can’t decide? Don’t worry, we discuss the cutscene differences in the next section.

Cooperate with Adam

Choosing to cooperate with Adam will spark a short conversation between Adam and Eve about teamwork. Eve will then go on to discuss how she wants to first meet with Oracle before she makes her final decision.

Don’t cooperate with Adam

Choosing to not cooperate with Adam will cause Eve to speak about her main mission and how she doesn’t feel comfortable getting distracted. Lily will insist that they should stick together and join forces for Axiom.

Either way, the ending result is the same no matter which decision you choose. Eve, Adam, and Lily all board the ship and fly to Axiom to continue the journey. 

Do your decisions affect the story of Stellar Blade?

While choosing to cooperate or not with Adam doesn’t have an impact on the story, it is important to note that there are three endings available in Stellar Blade. There will come a time when you must make an important decision that can change the ending you receive. Just keep that in mind.

That’s all there is to know about this tough choice in Stellar Blade! Stick with PC Invasion for more guides on the latest action RPG. After you reach Axiom, you’ll unlock a ton of side quests. One side quest involves the Simple Puzzle, so make sure to check out our guide on that.

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