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Should you pick Lord Knossos or Beckett in Gigantic? Answered

Beckett or Lord Knossos?

The first thing you do in Gigantic is choose a Hero: Lord Knossos or Beckett. Since you don’t know why you are selecting a Hero, what it’s for, or how these Heroes play, this decision can be a confusing one in Gigantic.

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Which Hero in Gigantic? Lord Knossos or Beckett, explained

Turns out, the decision for Lord Knossos or Beckett isn’t too deep. I was worried that I would be locked out of the hero I didn’t pick. That isn’t the case. The decision here is simply which Hero you want to play as during the tutorial.

Gigantic Beck Choice Or Lord Knossos Choice
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I was disoriented when the first thing I saw when playing Gigantic for the first time was the option to select Lord Knossos or Beckett. I wasn’t sure why I was making this decision and what its ramifications were. The only information you get is that Lord Knossos is a melee Hero and Beckett is ranged Hero.

You’ll be able to play as with Lord Knossos and Beckett in any match because, unlike a few other Heros, they are both unlocked at the start of Gigantic. Lord Knossos doesn’t have any ranged attacks and plays more like a tank and Beckett has a lot of ranged attacks but has much less health than Lord Knossos and is therefore harder to not die with. I recommend playing with all the Heroes and every Hero type to get a sense of what you like best.

I decided to go with Beckett because ranged is more my style. After playing both Beckett and Lord Knossos, I think Beckett is more enjoyable as their moveset seems more unique and varied. Again though, the decision you make at the beginning of the game doesn’t matter because it’s only for the tutorial which lasts about 15 minutes.

How to skip the Tutorial in Gigantic

If you already know how to play Gigantic because you’ve played hero shooters like Overwatch 2, you can get straight to the action by not selecting either Hero and pressing Escape or the View button on an Xbox controller.

If you have already started the tutorial, you can leave it by pressing Escape or the start button and selecting “Exit”. This will take you out of the tutorial and to the main menu. This decision to make you pick a Hero before you know what you’re doing in Gigantic is goofy, but it isn’t as silly as the best 2024 April Fools’ Day gaming pranks.

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