How to invite and join friends in Soulmask
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Soulmask multiplayer guide: How to join and invite friends

Explore this massive world with your best buds.

Soulmask is a great solo experience, but there’s no doubt that it’s more fun with your friends. This multiplayer guide explains how to join and invite friends in Soulmask.

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How to join and invite friends in Soulmask

Players can join and invite friends in Soulmask by using the “Tribe” tab and creating a clan. To bring up the Tribe tab, hit the I key on your keyboard and it will appear at the top of your screen. Once you create a clan, your friend can apply to join it. Accepting the application to the clan will officially bring your friend into your server.

How does multiplayer work in Soulmask?

Soulmask Multiplayer Guide
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While Soulmask can be played solo, the experience is much more fun with friends and other players. You and your friends can work to improve your clan, gather resources, build, help with combat, and recruit NPCs for your cause. Most importantly, you can work together to collect more masks and unlock different abilities.

There’s also nothing better than exploring a massive world with one of your close friends. Since the map is so big, bringing along another player can make the game much easier and less overwhelming.

How many players can play Soulmask together?

The servers for Soulmask can hold up to a whopping 70 people. This amount of players on one server adds a huge sense of community to the game, where everyone can either help each other out or turn on one another for their own intentions. This server cap really makes Soulmask stand out compared to other survival sandbox games.

Soulmask is looking to be a fantastic take on the genre and any fan looking for their next adventure should give it a shot. The demo was super impressive — so impressive that we deemed it the top 10 best Steam Next Fest demos. Since the game is entering early access, we can expect it to be improved as the developers receive feedback.

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