Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown

In Stray‘s Midtown level, you’ll meet up with an Outsider named Clementine. After assisting her contact with a wardrobe change so you can enter the factory, you’ll have to report to your Outsider pal once more. Unfortunately, she’s nowhere to be found, but she did leave some clues behind. Here’s our Stray guide to help you find Clementine’s clues from the Mysterious Message in her apartment.

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Stray guide – Where to find Clementine’s Mysterious Message clues (Midtown)

Taking the nuclear battery from the factory will cause Midtown to go on high alert, and Clementine’s apartment will be crawling with Sentinels. If their sensors detect you and turn red, they’ll fire lasers that will shock and incapacitate you. You may use obstacles to hide from their line-of-sight. Likewise, hiding inside boxes causes them to lose aggro after a few seconds.

Note: If you get zapped at any point in time, reloading the checkpoint spawns you back at the initial area (right after clearing the factory). That means you’ll have to head back to Clementine’s apartment up to her room on the third floor.

Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown 1a

Assuming you made it back inside Clementine’s apartment, you can check the board to pick up the Mysterious Message in Stray. Four objects are drawn here, and we’ve got you covered.

Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown 1b

Clementine’s Clue #1

  • Location: Living room
  • Object: The curious-looking lamp on the table

Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown 2a

Clementine’s Clue #2

  • Location: Living room shelf – Scratch and pull the cloth so you can hop on the drawer to reach the top
  • Object: Healing crystals

Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown 2b

Clementine’s Clue #3

  • Location: Bathroom
  • Object: The mannequin with the magician’s hat

Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown 2c

Clementine’s Clue #4

  • Location: Kitchen
  • Object: The lava lamp on top of the shelf

Stray Clementine Clues Mysterious Message Midtown 2d

Party in Da Club

Once you’ve discovered all four of Clementine’s Mysterious Message clues in Stray, B-12 will decipher it. It looks like Clementine is in Midtown’s nightclub.

The guard won’t let you through the main entrance, so you’ll have to check the alley at the back. You can climb on the pipes and airconditioning units to reach the window. The fella will let you inside.

Strcat Mdt Clmn Mys 1a

Inside the club, talk to the bartender and he’ll reveal that one of the patrons stole a lever. Talk to the robot leaning against the wall (there’s another bot wearing a red jacket next to him). He says that he’ll give you the lever if you find him a drink. Well, that drink is just at the side of the bartender’s counter.

Strcat Mdt Clmn Mys 1b

With the lever in your possession, make your way to the two DJs. There’s a movable platform here that gets lowered if you attach the lever and pull it.

When this occurs, jump on the platform as soon as you can. The DJ will flip the lever, allowing you to reach a higher ledge.

Strcat Mdt Clmn Mys 2a

Finally, you should be able to interact with the control board. Press the rightmost button first, then the leftmost button. You can now cross using the ceiling lights.

You’ll reach the VIP room where Clementine and Blazer are waiting for you… but things don’t go as planned.

Strcat Mdt Clmn Mys 2b

Stray is available via Steam.

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