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17 strongest Pokemon of all time

You've got to catch them all, but not all can be the very best, so who is?

There are a few ways to slice the strongest Pokémon in existence. If we go by the games’ lore, then Arceus, Mewtwo, and the rest of the legendaries would all be competing for the strongest slot. But what else can be used as a metric to determine who’s the strongest of all?

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The most practical way to figure out the 17 strongest Pokémon of all time is by what matters in a battle: their actual stats. Each Pokémon has a physical attacking stat and a special attacking stat. We’re going to run down the 17 highest totals for either attack stat.

17. Rampardos

17 strongest Pokemon of all time Rampardos
Image: Ken Sugimori

With a whopping 165 attack stat, Rampardos’ attack power is insane. Give this revived dinosaur a Choice Scarf and it will headbutt anything into oblivion. Just don’t expect it to take the hits in return, as its defenses are quite lacking.

16. Mega Gardevoir

Mega Gardevoir
Image: Ken Sugimori

This Pokémon actually ties in with the next entry for stats — both have 165 special attack and 85 attack stat, the latter making them more powerful than Rampardos — so this one comes down to abilities. Mega Gardevoir gets Pixilate, which turns Normal-type moves to Fairy and amplifies their power by 30%, allowing it to use an incredibly powerful Hyper Voice that will faint anything weak to it and even bypass substitutes. This is great and lets Mega Gardevoir do some serious damage. But even better than this ability…

15. Ice and Shadow Rider Calyrex

Calyrex Riders
Image: Ken Sugimori

Depending on the form, Calyrex has 165 in either attack stat and 85 in the other. However, what’s particularly menacing about horserider Calyrex is when it knocks out an opponent, its highest attack stat is raised one level. This allows for some massive chain potential with knockouts. While on paper both forms have equal power, in reality, Shadow Rider is most definitely the more powerful of the two, as it’s much faster and this allows the full effect of the ability to be executed better.

14. Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos
Image: Ken Sugimori

Mega Ampharos sprouts a beautiful mane and a 165 special attack stat with 95 attack. This beautified sheep is ready to unleash maximum electricity across the battlefield, and only one Pokémon in this list tops it in that specific aspect. Even better, Mega Ampharos can patch up its other stats with Agility and Cotton Guard. Played right, this Pokémon is hard to stop.

13. Necrozma (Ultra Burst Form)

Necrozma Ultra
Image: Ken Sugimori

This ultimate form of Necrozma we haven’t seen since Generation 7 takes a backseat so other Pokémon can have a chance. It sprouts 167 in both attacking stats. Psychic and Dragon is already pretty solid typing, so add on to that its ability, Neuroforce, which increases the power of supereffective moves by 20%, and you are not surviving this thing if it gets you where it hurts. It’s no wonder it hasn’t reappeared since.

12. Mega Gengar

17 Strongest Pokemon Of All Time Mega Gengar
Image: Ken Sugimori

It’s no surprise this fan-favorite Mega Evolution has 170 special attack, good speed, and an absolutely broken ability in Shadow Tag, making it so you can’t switch out on this Pokémon (unless you’re a fellow Ghost type, as Ghosts are immune to trapping mechanics of any kind). Mega Gengar is out to get you and you cannot escape its Shadow Ball. Hopefully, you can survive to hit it back.

11. Zacian (Crowned Form)

17 strongest Pokemon of all time Zacian Crowned
Image: Ken Sugimori

With 170 attack and 80 special attack, Zacian Crowned also has the broken ability of Intrepid Sword, raising its attack one stage when it comes into battle. Pair that with Steel/Fairy being very solid typing that negates or neutralizes both of Fairy’s weaknesses, or its 150 power signature move Behemoth Blade, and Zacian is a threat I am very used to dreading. It really is difficult to beat this thing without a strong Fire or Ground move, especially if it uses Swords Dance even once. That’s when you’re most likely done for.

10. Hoopa (Unbound Form)

17 strongest Pokemon of all time Hoopa Unbound
Image: Ken Sugimori

Unbound Hoopa has 170 special attack, but also a respectable 120 attack as well, and two signature moves of either of its types to go along with it. Psychic/Dark is already a solid typing that only lets Bug and Fairy hit supereffective, but being able to mix attacking stats with special moves that hit through Protect helps Hoopa become harder to fight back against.

9. Kyurem (White/Black Forms)

Kyurem Forms
Image: Ken Sugimori

Depending on the form, fused Kyurem has 170 in one attack stat and 120 in the other, something not even Zacian can manage. Either of its abilities also means that other abilities cannot nullify its attacks, objectively better than Hoopa’s lackluster ability. Levitate, Sap Sipper, Lightning Rod, Water Absorb? Too bad. Kyurem doesn’t care, it’s going to Dragon Dance and destroy you.

8. Xurkitree

17 Strongest Pokemon Of All Time Xurkitree
Image: Ken Sugimori

Would you believe this other-reality Christmas tree has a higher special attack than everything so far? Xurkitree has 173 special attack, and on top of that, the Beast Boost ability guarantees its special attack will get boosted further for each knockout it performs. The only thing holding it back is its speed, and in previous generations, Z Hypnosis patched that right up by boosting speed as it makes the opponent go to sleep. Needless to say, it was a very dangerous Christmas tree.

7. Mega Alakazam

17 strongest Pokemon of all time Mega Alakazam
Image: Ken Sugimori

Mega Alakazam boasts a 175 special attack stat on top of Trace, an ability that copies the opponents’, making for some very interesting strategies to play with to make it as powerful as possible. Even worse, it can learn Nasty Plot, boosting this even further. The only thing holding it back is its paper-thin defense stat.

6. Kyogre (Primordial Sea Form)

Primordial Kyogre
Image: Ken Sugimori; I forgot how much this design slaps.

The powered-up form of Kyogre has brought us up to 180 special attack and 150 attack. Add in factors like Primordial Sea, a permanent Rain weather effect as long as Kyogre is in battle, and the fact it can also hold an item — which Megas and Zacian cannot boast — and this is a lot of sea power coming at you. Good luck not drowning.

5. Deoxys (Attack Form)

Deoxys Attack Form
Image: Ken Sugimori

The legendary space alien’s Attack Form does as promised: it gives Deoxys 180 in both stats. Add on Dexoys’ signature move Psycho Boost, which has 210 power in exchange for lowering its special attack two stages, and this is the definition of Glass Cannon. Deoxys very much cannot take a single hit, but who needs defenses when you can annihilate everything in sight?

4. Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza
Image: Ken Sugimori

This is the Pokémon most would expect to be number one. Mega Rayquaza does not need an item to mega evolve, unlike other Megas, and it touts 180 in both attack stats. But unlike Dexoys, it can take a hit that is not Ice type. To this day, it’s still too powerful for even other legendaries to counter in most competitive formats. And given all this insanity, what Pokémon still have higher attacking stats than this absolute feared monster to end all-powerful Pokémon?

3. Kartana

17 Strongest Pokemon Of All Time Kartana
Image: Ken Sugimori

Yes, that’s right. The papercut machine from another dimension has 181 attack, one point higher than the tyrant below it. It also has a more useful ability — Beast Boost will just ensure it can keep boosting its attack even higher. And while you won’t see this paper cannon defeating any Rayquazas, it’s still hilarious to remember it is technically stronger.

2. Mega Mewtwo X

17 Strongest Pokemon Of All Time Mega Mewtwo Y
Image: Ken Sugimori

While it doesn’t have much to offer its Y counterpart doesn’t do better — besides an extra typing, letting it deal with Dark types — Mega Mewtwo X still boasts 190 attack to work with. Pair that with a STAB boosted 113 power Drain Punch, or Power Up Punch to make it even worse, and this thing can still be a problem to contend with. Hope you brought a Ghost or Fairy type.

1. Mega Mewtwo Y

Mega Mewtwo Y
Image: Ken Sugimori

We’ve reached it, the highest attacking stat to date, and therefore the #1 spot on the 17 strongest Pokemon of all time. Mega Mewtwo Y comes on top at 194 Special Attack. And does it also get Nasty Plot? You bet! This means, at maximum, this Pokémon reaches over two thousand in its Special Attack stat. Not even Chansey stands a chance-y, considering it learns Psyshock. The only thing holding it back is its relatively lame ability and not being able to hold an item, which still gives the tyrant down in the list a chance against it. But in terms of raw power alone? Nothing stands above Mega Mewtwo Y.

These are the 17 strongest Pokemon of all time by attack stats. For those wondering, Deoxys Attack Form is the most powerful left standing if you factor in the victims of Dexit, which is most of the Pokémon on this list. It seems the alien invasion is imminent.

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