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You can reach us via editor@pcinvasion.com. All stories are checked and discussed by the editorial team before being posted on the PC Invasion website.


Perhaps you wish to remain anonymous in your email due to the sensitivity of your story. If this is the case please indicate this in your correspondence which will be treated with the strictest of confidence by the editorial team to protect your identity.

Responses from the team

As you can appreciate we get hundreds of emails a day. Rest assured we read them all but due to the volume of emails we receive we can not reply to everyone.

Submitting Game Code

We love it when developers send us code to check out for review or preview purposes. Here at PC Invasion we are very thorough when it comes to reviewing games (see our review policy) and because of that we have to be selective.

We are a tight team and every day we discuss what games we think would interest the community. If you don’t hear from us or see your game covered on the site after sending us a code, it’s not because we don’t care, it usually means we are super busy writing, casting or creating videos and the schedule is jammed. Do not be put off. We check all mails and do our very best to cover as much as possible.

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