Taking a look at the best aftermarket RTX 4080 Super GPUs

RGBs improve FPS
GPY Nvidia
Image: Nvidia

When looking at buying your next GPU there are always a million options to go for. Nvidia always releases their founder’s edition of their latest and greatest first. But, once that first shipment goes out, the market is open. Here are a few of the best aftermarket RTX 4080 Super choices.

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ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER Trinity Black Edition ($999)

Zotac has the benefit of being cheaper than most other aftermarket brands out there, and their RTX 4080 Super is no different. It comes with all the bells and whistles of a decent aftermarket GPU, too, with light-up RGBs and triple fans.

Zotac Gaming Geforce Rtx 4080 Super Trinity Black Edition
Image via Newegg

Performance gains are negligible for all aftermarket cards, but what is important is build quality and cooling. The ZOTAC Trinity comes with 110mm blades over three fans and an enormous heatsink. These combined measures ensure your GPU will stay cool even in the deepest gaming sessions.

Due to the three large fans, there have been mentions of some noise coming from the aftermarket RTX 4080 Super, but that is to be expected. This one comes with Fan Freeze technology that pauses the fans when the GPU is not in use, reducing unnecessary sound.

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER OC Edition($1249)

ASUS is one of the best-known names in aftermarket parts, and they have numerous editions of the RTX 4080 Super. Therefore, Asus parts always charge a premium, but you get the confidence of knowing you have a well-known brand. This is a smart-looking GPU designed for airflow and without any of the showy RGBs.

ASUS prides itself on its craftsmanship, and this comes through in the ROG Strix edition. Precision molding and manufacturing have been used to create sturdy frames and hardware. This strong composition, first and foremost, ensures it will stand the test of time and, secondly, prevents GPU droop from weak connections.

Asus Rog Strix Geforce Rtx 4080 Super Oc Edition Aftermarket
Image: Newegg

Like most aftermarket GPUs, the airflow and fans are where this RTX 4080 Super separates itself from the crowd. Asus has implemented three fans to their ROG Strix card combined with their Vapour Flow chamber. This is designed to keep air moving over every part of the heatsink. To keep things original and improve airflow, the two outside fans spin counterclockwise, helping heat dissipate.

MSI Suprim GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER ($1119)

This is an aftermarket GPU for the distinguished gamer. Diamonds inspire its whole design, hence it’s seriously clean-looking edges. With excellent airflow and a sturdy design, it makes a statement in your build.

Msi Suprim Geforce Rtx 4080 Super
Image via Newegg

MSI believes their fans in this aftermarket RTX 4080 Super have the specific design to provide all needed cooling to the GPU. The fans and chambers are angled in such a way that significantly more air is pulled over the components and through the cooling chamber. The individual fans are equipped with dual ball bearings providing a much more silent fan and a much longer life expectancy.

MSI EXPERT GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER($1149)

The new RTX 4080 Super has incredible processing power, but this comes at a cost. The heat buildup of the 40 series card is a problem that needs to be tackled by aftermarket cards, and this MSI card has a unique approach.

Msi Expert Geforce Rtx 4080 Super
Image: MSI

The MSI Expert has decided to opt for only two fans in their RTX 4080 Super design. This, as one benefit, reduces fan noise while the GPU is under load. However, it is often at the cost of cooling ability. With this design, the problem of too few fans seems to be fixed. MSI has put one fan at the top and one at the bottom of the GPU, pulling in cold air and pushing out hot air, moving it through the whole frame of the aftermarket RTX 4080 Super.

Despite not having fancy flashy RGBs or little displays, the MSI Expert is a great-looking GPU. The brushed aluminum shell gives a sleek and powerful look. The lack of three fans running the entire length of the body makes it look solid and shows off the fine metalwork.


This Aftermarket RTX 4080 Super is one for the flashy designer. It comes with some good-looking RGBs and a small screen that can be used to display all sorts of images, gifs, and stats. It comes with similar cooling systems to some other GPUs but with their new tweaks.

The first thing that stands out about the GIGABYTE AORUS is its RGB design. If you have a brightly lit PC setup, you’ll want to ensure the biggest piece of hardware fits in. This GPU comes with illuminated fans and a very cool side display. This small display, designed to be viewed through a clear case, can be programmed with many different designs. It can play moving gifs, images, and stats such as GPU temperature.

Aorus Geforce
Image: GeForce

GIGABYTE has also opted for the three-fan design, using alternating spin directions to encourage the inward and outward flow of air around the GPU. This aftermarket RTX 4080 Super also features the dual-bearing design we have seen earlier, promoting silent fans and longer life.

This aftermarket GPU comes overclocked, meaning it pulls more energy through the hardware for maximized performance. This is one of the only ways aftermarket RTX 4080 Super GPUs can improve the base performance of the original design.

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