The best Tanks in Overwatch 2 – Defender tier list

Featured best Tanks in Overwatch 2

Tanks have dominated the original Overwatch, but with balance changes in Overwatch 2, they completely changed how the game is played. Gone are the days of two tanks rampaging through the battlefield with their beefed-up shields and crowd controls. Tank mains must tweak their playstyle to fit the current meta for the start of Season 2.

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That said, here’s our tank ranking for Overwatch 2. We ranked the tank heroes based on our experience to see who still is the best hero for the role.


  • Orisa
  • Reinhardt


Orisa best Tanks in Overwatch 2

Screenshot via Blizzard

For the longest time, Orisa had always lived in Reinhardt’s shadow as the best tank, but the changes in Overwatch 2 gave her that push to stand on the top. If you’re into tanks that can deal a lot of damage, then Orisa might be the best pick. Her primary weapon deals a lot of damage the closer you are to the target, and her other skills make going near them easier. Javelin spin negates all incoming projectile attacks, while Fortify decreases the damage she’s taking. The synergy between the three makes Orisa a nightmare to deal with.


Reinhardt best Tanks in Overwatch 2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Reinhardt has always been a staple pick. From the beginning of the game and through the double shield meta, Reinhardt has always been a poster boy for Tanks.

Reinhardt’s only downfall is his limited range. He’s a melee-based hero with only one range skill in his arsenal. His charge skill might help close the gap, but Reinhardt is better suited to mitigate the damage and attack when there’s an enemy close enough. His ultimate is also a game changer. One perfect ultimate can win games, so you better be careful when dealing with him. If you’re the type of player who wants to become the meat shield for the team, then Reinhardt is for you.

Tip: If an enemy Reinhardt is trying too hard to get near your team, chances are his ultimate is ready, so better go behind him or on his side.


  • Roadhog
  • Sigma
  • D.Va


Roadhog best Tanks in Overwatch 2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Roadhog is seen more as an off-tank than a primary tank due to the nature of his kit. He certainly benefitted from the shift from 6v6 to 5v5, as he’s more effective at picking off the DPS and healers than dealing with tanks straight up.

With a higher HP pool and increased healing skill, Roadhog is almost unkillable, even on his own. DPS and healers should always be on alert whenever there’s a Roadhog in the field because one combo is already enough to bring you back to the spawn point. The only con of Roadhog is that he doesn’t offer his team any help in mitigating the damages, so the supports might have to rely on their own to keep the DPS alive.


Sigma Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Sigma is a jack-of-all-trades tank. He can do a lot of things; it’s just that there’s another hero who does it better. He can create barriers to protect himself and his teammate, but his shield’s HP is 500 less than Reinhardt’s. He can absorb damage and convert it to overhealth, but Orisa’s damage negation is better. His primary selling point, his rock throw’s stun, was taken out, and he can now only knock down his enemies. Despite all these, Sigma is one of the only two barrier-oriented tanks, so he still fits the meta; hence he ranks higher on this list.


Dva Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

D.Va used to be one of the best tanks, but the current Overwatch 2 meta calls for tanks to be able to mitigate more damage, and D.Va can’t do that alone. She was used before as an off-tank because she was more known to be a damage dealer due to the consistent damage output of her guns. Her ultimate is also a play-of-the-game magnet. If you hear D.Va shout, “nerf this,” you better hide somewhere or you’ll be dead in a few seconds.

If you want to use D.Va as your primary tank, you better pick a support that can pocket her. Without it, enemies can quickly kill D.Va’s mech.


  • Zarya
  • Winston


Zarya Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Zarya sat on the top of the meta during the heyday of the multi-tanks meta. Being a more offensive tank now, however, Zarya shines more in the middle of the combat rather than in front of the line, mitigating damages.

The changes in her bubble ability boost this setup for Zarya. She can now decide whether to keep the two bubble charges and use them for herself or give them to her teammates. The bubbles absorb and increase her damage. So if you want to be more aggressive and take the offensive route, you can spend all those charges on yourself and take down the enemies. You can also give them those charges if you want to be more defensive and protect your teammates.


Winston Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Winston should’ve been higher on our list, but we decided it’s fair to put him on this tier due to the change in the way tanks should play this meta. Winston is another tank best suited to disrupt the enemies more than soak up some damage.

Winston’s ability to jump in and out of a fight is why most players pick him. If your enemy’s line-up requires them to be protected by their tanks to be successful, then Winston might be the right pick for that situation. Winston can go into the enemy’s backline and deal much damage with his tesla cannon. Winston can easily break a formation with his Primal Rage as it knocks enemies far away from each other, making them an easier target for your teammates to pick off.


  • Wrecking Ball
  • Junker Queen
  • Doomfist

Wrecking ball

Wreckingball Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Wrecking Ball was one of the heroes affected by the change in the number of tanks available for each team. Unlike main tanks, playing Wrecking Ball in this new meta requires balancing between disrupting the enemy backline and protecting your team.

Wrecking Ball still shines on maps requiring players to be in a single space taking the point, as his Ultimate forces people to go out of his minefield, and he can run wild with his rolling ball move in a confined space. He is ineffective on maps with mobile objectives due to his weakness in protecting his teammates.

Tip: If ever you see a Wrecking Ball and it’s not on a map that requires you to take the point, pass him and focus on his squishier teammates instead.

Junker Queen

Junkerqueen Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Junker Queen is your best hero if you want to play an aggressive tank. She may be squishier than other tanks, but her skillset helps her team win fights.

Her main selling point is her ability to debuff her enemies with wound status. Not only enemies with wounds cannot heal, but they also take damage over time. A portion of the damage dealt is also being absorbed by Junker Queen as a healing buff. In a meta where sustain is very important, being unable to heal can sometimes be the swing you need to finish the game. The only reason she’s this low on the list is the existence of Kiriko. Her main selling point is worthless in front of Kiriko’s cleansing ability.


Doomfist Tank Overwatch2

Screenshot via Blizzard

Doomfist is originally an attacker hero and was put as a tank in Overwatch 2. Now, Doomfist’s abilities to mitigate damage and deal damage are sub-par compared to other tanks that are also good as disruptors.

Overwatch 2 only allows you to pick a single tank and that slot might be better used for other tanks. Blizzard needs to buff his HP pool, increase his Power Block, or put him back in the attacker category for him to see playing time in the competitive meta.

That’s our list for the best tanks in Overwatch 2. It’s important to note, however, that sometimes the best tank is what fits your current team comp. However, you won’t often be wrong with the top-class tanks in the list. Listen to your teammates, and keep them protected.