Top 5 Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Mods

Top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods — Make more mayhem

Upgrade your endgame

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem left early access as a full release about one month ago. While the modding scene is still young for this ARPG, there are already some fantastic mods for you to use to enhance your experience with the game. This list brings together our top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods for making the most of your time.

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You should note that mods are only usable for offline characters. All images are taken from their respective mod pages.

Top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods -- Make more mayhem

1) Better expeditions, legendaries, and rewards (offline only)

“Better Expeditions and Legendaries (and rewards)” mod – This mod includes a handy how-to-install guide on its page.


This mod enhances your endgame experience, something we thought needed some improvement in our review. While it offers better rewards from expeditions, it also increases the difficulty, though that is sort of the point with any endgame.

With this mod you can choose up to 30 different area modifiers for an expedition, at a cost of 25 per modifier. Every modifier provides 100% more productivity points. It’s possible to increase the amount of productivity points you earn from the expedition with this mod by killing Elite enemies, offering more items as a reward at a higher rarity, as well as awarding more gold than usual.

Some parts of the mod also affect the Wrath of Sarisel content update. Firstly, it’ll only cost 100 Primordial Affinity to apply Wrath of Sarisel to an expedition. The increased rewards apply to all Wrath of Sarisel expeditions, including Primordial Affinity. These expeditions in particular are guaranteed to drop a map or incense, as well as legendary items.

The loot pool

There’s no change to the unique loot pool with this mod, but it will increase legendary rewards. At a higher level, low-level loot doesn’t drop anymore, with only items with a rating of rare and higher dropping. You’ll also notice that the loot pool is more mixed in general, meaning every new item is something to get excited about.

The mod creator explained that they tried to keep this balanced, but there are still a lot more legendaries than in the base game. This is part of the reason that the mod is for offline use only.


All legendaries drop with four suffixes and prefixes and maximum sockets. All of them will have the chance to drop with Wrath of Sarisel affixes, even outside of the specific expeditions. Useless affixes have been removed from the loot pool, and at level 50+ all weapons will roll with flat weapon damage.


With the increased power you get from this mod, the creator thought it prudent to offer a higher difficulty along with it. Hard Mode is now a new mode that can be enabled in the game’s story, which pushes up the health of monsters, as well as the damage they deal.

Optional extra

2x Monsters Top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods -- Make more mayhem

Off the back of the added power you’ll get with this mod, we thought we’d give you the option to further increase the difficulty by doubling the monsters. 2x Monsters does exactly what it says — it doubles the monsters throughout the game, including bosses. It also increases the damage output of enemies by 50% and adds 50% health to them too.

This additional mod can only be used in normal mode, so you’ll have to weigh up the difference between the new hard mode in the first mod and this fun doubling of every enemy in the game.

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Top 5 Mods Chraracter Options

2) Enhanced character options

“Enhanced Character Options” mod – Character creation is the best part of any RPG. This mod adds new hairstyles, skin, and eye options to the character creator. It also revamps the UI so that these additions fit in naturally.

Since you’re using even more options, we thought you’d like to admire that extra special character up close. With the “Get Close” mod you can zoom right in and admire the amazingly beautiful, or horrifically ugly, thing that you’ve brought into existence.


3) Wolcenshade FX – True HDR

“Wolcenshade FX – True HDR” modWolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods can make it a very good-looking game. But it’s always worth taking a game above and beyond those ultra settings if you’ve got a rig that can handle it. This mod adds a new level of color, depth, and visual effects. Color grading and other techniques have been used to mimic true HDR, and it really does show.

Dual Wield Two Handed Weapons 1

4) Dual wield two-handed weapons

“Dual Wield Two-Handed Weapons” mod – This isn’t a mod for those who enjoy complete accuracy in their games. Two-handed weapons are named as such for a reason, but this mod completely ignores that. Now you’ll be able to dual-wield whatever you want. Combined with the earlier enhanced character creator options, you could have a great time creating the ultimate RPG character.

Right Hand Staffs And Catalysts

Here we thought we could offer you two Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods that enhance each other — “Right-hand catalysts and staffs” being the second. Once again, it does exactly what you think: It opens up the option to use staffs and catalysts in your right hand. The mod even allows for staff auto-attacks, regardless of the hand they’re being held in.

Top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods -- Make more mayhem

5) Optimal UI

It’s understandable with games like Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem that you’d want to customize the screen you’ll be staring at for hundreds of hours on end. Well we’ve got two mods for doing just that.

The first mod is “MiniMap Minimizer.” Usually the minimap has an arrow displaying the direction players need to move in, but it often obscures their position. This mod creator got so sick of not being able to see where they were that they reduced that direction arrow all the way down. This makes it clear at all times where the character is on the minimap.

No Game Ui

Once you’ve got a grasp of how your stats work, you don’t care about experience points, and there’s no need to track health because you’re at such a high level, you can do away with a lot of UI. The “No game UI” mod gives you the option to remove all the UI from the screen, making your screen a clear window into the game.

It’s worth noting that this mod is also perfect for digital photography. Without a UI to get in the way or be edited out later, snapping the most impressive screenshots couldn’t be easier.

Those are our top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods. As we’ve already said, the mod scene for this game is constantly growing. We’ll be sure to update you with more great mods for it as we find them.

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