Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Avatar Infernas

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Vampire Survivors has a huge selection of unlockable characters, some of whom can be earned through normal gameplay, while others require you to jump through a series of insane hoops before they’ll join you. Avatar Infernas is the epitome of the latter category of character, requiring such a lengthy process that it’s a wonder anyone figured out how to unlock him. Figure it out they did, however, and today we’ll teach you how to do the same. Read on to learn how to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Avatar Infernas

Unlocking Avatar Infernas: Pre-requisites

Before you can get started on the quest to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors, you’ll need to have a couple of things done. Firstly, you’ll need to have unlocked Inverted Mode, which can be done in the Eudaimonia Machine stage. Secondly, you’ll need to have defeated the game’s final boss, The Directer, which can be done in Eudaimonia Machine also. Once both of these tasks are complete, you’ll see a new entry in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, which reads as follows:

“It is tangible only in the inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.”

This is the only clue the game gives you on how to unlock Avatar Infernas. It’s quite cryptic, but luckily for you we’re about to shed a lot more light on the matter.

Unlocking Avatar Infernas: The process

Step 1: Head to the Inverted Inlaid Library

Inverted Inlaid Library

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This part is straightforward. Simply head to the Inlaid Library, and make sure Inverted Mode is selected. This will bring you to an upside-down version of the stage where enemies have 200% extra health. This makes survival far more difficult than usual, so make sure you bring along a powerful character like Queen Sigma, or a character with a lot of Golden Eggs amassed.

Step 2: Acquire Peachone and Ebony Wings

Peachone and Ebony Wings

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Next, we’ll tackle the “two good friends” part of the clue. This refers to the fact that you’ll need to collect the two bird weapons, Peachone and Ebony Wings, in order to unlock the Avatar. It’s a good idea to do this right at the beginning of the stage, before you make any major moves, as it will avoid anything going wrong later. Do not evolve these two into Vandalier, as if you do you’ll be unable to complete the quest.

Step 3: Defeat The Trickster at the piano

The Trickster at the piano

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Once you’ve assembled your avian accomplices, the next step on your journey to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors is to head to the right. Keep going until you’ve passed the Gold Ring on the map. Shortly after this, you’ll encounter a purple reaper enemy known as The Trickster, standing guard over a seemingly innocuous piano. You’ll need to defeat him in order to proceed. He has a lot of health, but he also doesn’t move around at all, so you’re free to run laps around the piano to avoid other enemies while you whittle him down.

Step 4: Play the piano with help from your bird friends

Vampire Survivors How To Unlock Avatar Infernas Step 4

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Once The Trickster is defeated, move onto the stool next to the piano he was guarding and you’ll be taken to a mini-game of sorts. Here, you’ll need to play five piano keys in the right order before you can proceed. This order is shown to you by your two bird friends, who will fly in and land on the right keys. But if you’re having trouble following their movements, the correct order is as follows:

  1. The 2nd white key
  2. The 6th white key
  3. The 5th black key
  4. The 5th white key
  5. The 1st black key

Step 5: Hunt down Avatar Infernas’ coffin

After your performance, you’ll be taken to a mysterious dark realm filled with zombies and evil-looking heads. There are also nine different coffins dotted randomly around, one of which contains the Avatar you’re looking for. It can be difficult to find these coffins, due to the surrounding darkness. If you’re having trouble, pause the game and look at the map; the ‘?’ icons will show you where the coffins are. Once you find the right one, the final phase of your ordeal will begin.

Step 6: Defeat Avatar Infernas himself

Vampire Survivors How To Unlock Avatar Infernas Step 6

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The final part of this quest is a boss fight of sorts with the very character you’re looking to unlock. Thankfully, it’s not a particularly difficult battle. Avatar Infernas will follow you around the room slowly, but he won’t use any tricks or ranged attacks, meaning it’s very easy to avoid damage and wear him down with whatever weapons you have to hand. This can take a while, since he has a lot of health, but persevere and you’ll get him in the end.

Step 7: Purchase Avatar Infernas and enjoy!

Once the Avatar is defeated, your quest is over! You’ll receive a congratulatory message letting you know that you’ve unlocked him, then a clock will chime down and the White Hand will show up to end your run. You’ll now be able to purchase Avatar Infernas on the character select screen and use him in any of your future runs. He starts with a unique weapon, Flames of Misspell, as well as the Heart of Fire Arcana, which adds an explosive element to fire-based weapons and ups your retaliatory damage.

So there you have it: a complete guide on how to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors. If you manage this, you can rest assured that you’ve completed the most cryptic, convoluted challenge the game has to offer. Until a later DLC dethrones it, of course.

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