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What are Experimental items in Last Epoch? Answered

A new type of item.

If you’re new to the world of Last Epoch, you may have heard in passing about Experimental items, but you’re not sure what they are.

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I, too, am learning more and more about this action RPG, and Experimental items are quite new to the game. Here’s what they are and how to get them.

Last Epoch: Experimental items, explained

Although you have your typical items rarities, these are different. Experimental items in Last Epoch are an entirely new class of items that seem normal until you look at their special affix. You cannot get Experimental affixes by crafting or finding them normally, so they’re only found on items dropped by Exiled Mages.

Experimental Items Last Epoch Affix
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If you’re a Diablo 4 player, I’d akin these to Unique items. Experimental items are unique in the way that they have special affixes unique to only them, and you can only get them from Exiled Mages. You can get Experimental affixes on all kinds of item rarities, such as Magic, Unique, and even Exalted. This means that you can craft a Legendary item with Experimental affixes.

Experimental Items Last Epoch Rune Of Research
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Once you make it to above level 70, you may get a Rune of Research from an Exiled Mage. This rune can seal an Experimental affix onto an Experimental item. With this, you’ll have the chance to receive a Glyph of Insight. When using a Glyph of Insight to upgrade a normal affix, it’ll swap it to an Experimental one.

As a reminder, if you have two of the same item, it’ll always make the same Experimental affix. So it’s not entirely random, it’s determined by the item. Experimental items and affixes were introduced back in September 2023, so they’re still relatively new.

Hopefully, you now better understand what Experimental items and affixes are and how they work! If you’re wondering about another confusing term, we can explain Cycles in Last Epoch for you.

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