What are Heart items in Persona 3 Reload? Explained

What Are Heart Items In Persona 3 Reload Explained
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Certain Personas in Persona 3 Reload have Heart items, but what exactly are they? I was also a little confused about what they were and how I could access them while playing.

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Heart items should give you an extra incentive to level up your Personas, and they’re more useful than you may realize.

Persona 3 Reload: Heart items, explained

What Heart items are in Persona 3 Reload are items that some Personas will drop after reaching a certain level and are useful in creating fusion equipment. After fusing two Personas, you may notice that your new Persona has a pink heart icon on their profile with a Heart item listed.

What Are Heart Items In Persona 3 Reload Explained Fusion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To get this Heart item, you need to level up your Persona to a certain point until they drop it. It’s a random level for each Persona, but once they finally drop it, you can use it at Mayoido Antique Shop to creature special equipment.

As a reminder, this shop won’t open until 7/18, which led to me being initially confused as to where I could use my Heart items. Once you unlock this shop in Paulownia Mall, you can use Heart items to create unique equipment, such as the ones we know of so far below:

Heart itemPersonaEquipment
Black FrostbiteBlack Frost???
JacktiteJack Frost, Jack-o-LanternJack Jumper
Mara’s HeadMara???
Soul Sea DribletFortuna, Hua Po, Lamia, Loa, Narcissus, Oberon, Oni, Sati, Take-Minakata, Unicorn, Yamata-no-OrochiAlarm Watch, Alicorn, Blessed Lance, Ergotite Legs, Fire Bracers, Flaring Flair, Gale Bow, Genbu’s Leggings, Holy Knight Sword, Ice Bracers, Narcissus Flower, Night Falcon, Ring of Serenity, Serpent’s Eye, Staunch Anklets, Thunder Bracers, Unbreakable Cage, Ver.0 Armor, Wind Bracers
Soul Sea DropletFlaurosBlazing Greatsword, Thunder Knuckles, Hazakura
Thunder Whetstone???Mjolnir

This list, as we continue to play the game and do research, is still incomplete with some unknown information. But for now, these are the Heart items and the equipment you can create with them that we know about.

On the topic of Personas, if you’ve been trying to create an Oberon with Mazio for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, we can help you out with that.

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