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What is a Sanguinarix in Lords of the Fallen? (LotF)

A Soulslike's best friend - the Estus Flask stand-in.

Lords of the Fallen, like most Soulslike games, has the standard Estus Flask equivalent. The Sanguinarix. This crucifix-looking item is what will be carrying you through your entire game. It will heal you and has multiple uses, but there is much more you should know about it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sanguinarix in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to use the Sanguinarix in Lords of the Fallen

The Sanguinarix is a device that allows you to administer Pieta’s healing blood, or so the description says. With a number of charges, you can administer the Sanguinarix as and when you please, and it’ll heal you a considerable amount of health. It only takes a few moments to do this, so you can heal up in the heat of battle. However, if you don’t time it properly in the heat of battle, you can get whacked mid-animation.

Sanquinarix In Lords Of The Fallen
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The Sanguinarix is a quick access item, so is always readily available. Each use will cost one charge, however, and when you’re out of charge, the item can’t be used anymore. If you try to use it, a lengthier animation will be provided as your character reacts to being out of charges, putting you in jeopardy. Resting at a Vestige or at a Seedling will fully recharge the Sanguinarix, so no worries there.

Be warned, however, as when you’re in Umbral, half of the health healed by the Sanguinarix will be Withered, meaning you must do some attacking to receive all the health. For this reason, don’t let yourself die in Axiom merely because you have a second life as you won’t be using your Sanguinarix efficiently.

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How to unlock the upgrade for Sanquinarix in Lords of the Fallen

You will be pleased to know that the Sanguinarix can be upgraded to provide more charges and more healing. You can do this by talking to Pieta in Skyrest Bridge.

Upgrading Sanguinarix In Lords Of The Fallen
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It will cost one Saintly Quintessence, which is an incredibly rare item that can be found around the world. Keep a sharp eye out, and make sure to explore every nook and cranny in Umbral to reveal any secrets. If you find one, upgrade immediately!

I hope this has helped you in your journey, Lampbearer. If you need more assistance, simply hail PC Invasion, and we’ll be sure to answer your call.

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