Mw3 Progression Level Unlocks
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What weapons, perks, and equipment unlock at each level? MW3 Beta progression guide

When do guns, perks, loadouts, and killstreaks unlock in MW3?

If you want to unlock everything in Modern Warfare 3 — all the guns, equipment, perks, killstreaks — then this is the guide for you. Since we’re in the first week of MW3 beta, this list will only go up to level 20. When the MW3 second week and full release come around, I’ll update this article to keep you informed. Let’s get into it.

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All MW3 level unlocks, explained

Besides the game being fun to play, the entire draw of MW3 is to level up and unlock everything. And besides Operators, weapon skins, and other cosmetics, you’ll unlock everything in MW3 just by leveling up.

Here is the full MW3 progression list which includes everything you unlock as you level up:

  • Level 1 – Challenges feature, Demolitionist loadout, Guardian-SC killstreak
  • Level 2 – Combat Controller loadout, Appetite: Whet emblem
  • Level 3 – Rusher loadout
  • Level 4 – Custom loadouts, PILA Launcher, Infantry Vest perk
  • Level 5 – Scavenger Gloves perk
  • Level 6 – A.C.S field upgrade, Juggernaut Recon killstreak
  • Level 7 – BAS-B battle rifle, Operation Beta charm
  • Level 8 – Mosquito Drone killstreak, Breacher Drone lethal equipment
  • Level 9 – Tac Mask perk, Beta Tester calling card
  • Level 10 – MTZ-762 battle rifle, Engineer Vest perk, Mission Control Comlink perk
  • Level 11 – Battle Rage lethal equipment, MWIII Beta weapon sticker
  • Level 12 – MCW assault rifle, Counter UAV killstreak
  • Level 13 – Comm Scrambler field upgrade, Bone Conduction Headset perk
  • Level 14 – Sam Turret killstreak, RIVAL-9 SMG
  • Level 15 – Semtex lethal equipment, Stalker Boots perk
  • Level 16 – WSP Stinger handgun, Smoke Grenade Tactical Equipment, Did the Beta large decal
  • Level 17 – Thermobaric Grenade lethal equipment, Tactical Pads perk,
  • Level 18 – SVA 545 assault rifle, Trophy System field upgrade
  • Level 19 – Command Gloves perk
  • Level 20 – Gunner Vest perk, Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit attachment, Beta Ripper

Most of these unlocks should be familiar to Call of Duty veterans save the new guns and killstreaks. What’s completely new for everyone is the perks are represented as physical gear now which I think is a massive upgrade.

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