Epic Forge And Furnace In Return To Moria
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Where is the Khuzdul Forge in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

Smith like the legends.

In Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, the Khuzdul Forge is a station that’s teased from early in the game, like the Great Forge of Narvi, or the Great Belegost Forge.

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However, this forge is unlike them, as it isn’t found — it is made. By you, naturally.

Unlocking the Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria

Unlike the incredible Narvi or Belegost Forges, the Khuzdul Forge can not be found and repaired, as it is you who must build it like a regular forge. This may surprise you, as it surprised me, especially as the forge’s recipe list is revealed to players super early, like the other Great Forges that must be found.

The Khuzdul Forge must be built, so even though the recipe list is revealed very early, you must unlock the crafting recipe. For curious early players, you will only unlock this when you have reached the end of the Lower Deeps, so if you wish to not spoil anything at all, simply keep playing.

Great Furnace Of Narvi In Return To Moria
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To unlock the Khuzdul Forge blueprint, you must light the Great Belegost Forge. This will allow you to smelt new ingots in your furnace back at home, as well as forge better weapons, tools, and armor. Once this is done, smelt some Shanor Ingots in your furnace back home. Upon collecting them from the furnace, even if you have found some in Moria already, you’ll unlock the building recipes for the Khuzdul Forge and the Ufuhan Furnace.

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Building the Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria

To build the Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria, you’ll need some pretty advanced materials.

You’ll need:

  • 15 Adamant
  • 10 Khazad Steel Ingots
  • 10 Resin
  • 18 Ironwood

Yikes, you’ll probably think upon seeing three new advanced materials. At least, that’s what I thought. But don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the process.

Khuzdul Forge In Return To Moria
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Listed below are ways to obtain each of the resources needed to build the Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria. Once you’ve got enough, you can build it like any other structure. Be careful, though, as it is large and you’ll need to dedicate space for it. Place it somewhere safe also, as if your camp is ever under siege, enemies will target it. The last thing you want is for it to be destroyed!

Finding Resin in Return to Moria

Resin is in abundant supply all through the Mines of Moria. You probably have buckets of the stuff just waiting to be used, so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you need some more, look no further than the Mines of Moria in the Lower Deeps.

Finding Ironwood in Return to Moria

Ironwood is a tricky one to get hold of, and there are two ways to obtain it. In Dwarrodelf, the next area to the Lower Deeps, you’ll find the great city of Dwarrodelf itself. In this incredible city are many buildings, both high and low, that are full of furniture. Upon going on a rampage and unfurnishing a bunch of the structures, you’ll come into lots of Ironwood. After one (extended) excursion, I managed to get over 100 Ironwood, which is definitely enough.

Ironwood Rune In Return To Moria
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If you don’t want to scavenge around Dwarrodelf and destroy the ancient furniture, then you can instead enchant an axe with the Yarog-luthnul rune. This requires 3 Emeralds, and is unlocked upon finding your first. Note that you cannot enchant a weapon with this rune, it has to be an axe. This enchantment will provide a chance (around 33% from my experience) of dropping Ironwood upon destroying any tree that provides wood. The Lower Deeps is the best for Ironwood farming.

The easiest way to get Emeralds is by exploiting the troll in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Orcs and Uruks have a small chance of dropping Emeralds, and that troll, for whatever reason, loves to kill them. Attract and draw in Orcs and Uruks into the Chamber of Mazarbul and allow the troll to dispatch them for you. You’ll be knee-deep in goodies in no time. Attracting a horde to do this is preferred and pretty fun.

Finding Adamant in Return to Moria

Adamant is not an ore, but a material like Stone and Ihraz Granite. It is found very rarely in the Lower Deeps hosting gold, and is commonly found in Dwarrodelf hosting all sorts of ores. Note that you won’t find Adamant deposits in the city of Dwarrodelf, and you’ll have to explore any passages branching off the city. That’s where you’ll find materials and ores and such.

Quarrymaster In Return To Moria
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For this, you’ll need a Tier 4 Pickaxe. You can either make the Ironwood Pickaxe or the Quarrymaster. The Quarrymaster may be a Legendary Masterwork, but requires easier materials than the Ironwood Pickaxe, and is generally much better.

Smelting Khazad Steel Ingots in Return to Moria

Khazad Steel Ingots can be forged and found. I personally happened to come across all the Khazad Steel I needed to build the Khuzdul Forge. Orcs and Uruks have a chance to drop an ingot upon death, so you can use the troll in the Mazarbul Chamber to farm them. They can also be found in the Orc Chests in the orc settlement in Dwarrodelf. If you don’t want to build the Ufuhan Forge to smelt it, then you should be able to obtain it pretty easily in Dwarrodelf.

Smelting In Return To Moria
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Alternatively, you can forge it in the Ufuhan furnace for 6 gold and 3 iron. Building the Ufuhan Furnace requires Adamant, Shanor Ingots, Resin, and Ironwood. Considering the Khuzdul Forge is already pretty expensive, you may be hesitant to build this. The Shanor Ingots are easy to forge and come across, and so is Adamant when you get the pickaxe to mine it with. I would recommend that, whether you want to build the Ufuhan Furnace first or not, you gather enough Ironwood to build both the furnace and the forge, anyway.

I hope this has helped you, fellow Dwarf, and that you’ll be smithing like the ancient legends in no time. For more Return to Moria help, tunnel over to PC Invasion.

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