Where To Find And Grow Bulb Bushes In Subnautica

Where to find and grow Bulb Bushes in Subnautica

The calming aura of the Bulb Bush is as bright as it is energetic.

Bulb bushes are one of the more fun flora plants to look at in Subnautica. They’re a nice shade of purple blue and they glow. If anything can denote safe in a game like this, they’re definitely one of those things. If you want to find them and even grow them yourself, the game allows you to. Here’s where to find and grow Bulb Bushes in Subnautica.

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Bulb Bushes location and gardening in Subnautica

Like the rest of Subnautica’s biomes, the Bulb Zone is in a set location on the map. Starting from the middle of the map in the Safe Shallows, you have to go northeast past the Grassy Plateaus, perpendicular to the crashed Aurora. It’s past the Mushroom Forest.

Where To Find And Grow Bulb Bushes In Subnautica Bulb Zone

The Bulb Zone at night. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you arrive in the Bulb Zone, you have a wealth of Bulb Bushes at your disposal to harvest from. Taking your knife to a Bulb Bush yields Bulb Bush Samples.

Bulb Bush Sample

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now for the second half of where to find and grow Bulb Bushes in Subnautica, specifically the growing part. Take these samples back to your base and plant them in Exterior Growbeds (two titanium) or the Alien Containments (five glass and two titanium), aka the aquariums.

The samples are also edible, but they only yield +3 food and +10 water, not to mention they decompose very quickly. No, they’re far more useful if you put them inside the Bioreactor. The Bulb Bush Samples yield a whopping 420 energy per. For context, that’s only outmatched by some living creatures, and for far less effort, too. These things are an energy source goldmine.

Bulb Bush Complete

Fully grown Bulb Bushes. Screenshot by PC Invasion

When they’re finished growing, you can harvest three samples from each before it disappears. That’s a yield of two if you replant. At 420 each and about two in game days to grow, not a bad yield rate for the Bioreactor. Now your base can be comfortably powered at all times of the day. Thanks, glowy comfort bulb bushes!

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