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Where to find missing globe piece in Alone in the Dark

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Certain clues and puzzles in Alone in the Dark require a lot of patience. Namely because you won’t be able to unlock certain objects you find until much later in the game. With that in mind, we’re going to figure out where to find the missing globe piece in Alone in the Dark.

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Alone in the Dark — How to find missing globe piece

Where To Find Mizzing Globe Piece In Alone In The Dark France
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By the end of Alone in the Dark, players will explore a majority of Derceto Manor (even if you get locked off from certain places later). During Chapter 2, players get access to the sitting room, located on the second floor. You use this area almost as a hallway for this section of the game, however players might notice an interactable globe in the corner. If you’re having trouble finding the Sitting room or the globe, you might want to change your Player Guidance settings.

When you first interact with the globe, you’ll notice there is a European country missing. More accurately, France is missing from the globe and it’s up to you to find it. Unfortunately, the missing globe piece is located in Dr. Grey’s office, which is locked for the majority of the game.

How to break into Dr Grey’s office

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You’ll have to wait until Chapter 4 to find the missing globe piece, something that is locked inside Dr. Grey’s office. However, the office is locked and you’ll need to find a spare key. Head to the Clerks office, and check behind the counter where the safe is located. Enter the code 9-1-3 into the safe, and you’ll find a key to the office, as well as another clue.

Unlock the office, and under the large painting, interact with the prompt and you’ll get France (along with a clue). This is a completely optional objective, as opening the globe earns you the Map of Caribbean Lagniappe.

Once you get this collectible, you shouldn’t have to worry about grabbing it again in subsequent playthroughs, assuming the game doesn’t take your collectibles away like it did for me.

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