Remnant 2 Soul Sparks Guide

Where to find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2

A hint would be nice.

On your visit to N’Erud in Remnant 2, you may be tasked with finding something called Soul Sparks. The problem is that nothing in Remnant 2 tells what these Soul Sparks actually are. You’ve got no real idea about what you’re looking for. And in a game like this where worlds are procedurally generated, looking for help online is going to be tricky. So, we’re going to break down what these Soul Sparks are, and where you may be able to find them.

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Remnant 2: Where to find Soul Sparks

In my case, I entered N’Erud through the Forgotten Prison. Here, a being inside a glass chamber gave me the quest to go and find some Soul Sparks. But in typical Remnant 2 fashion, it wasn’t quite as clear as it probably should have been. It would be nice to have some idea of what we’re looking for but don’t worry the solution is relatively simple.

Remnant 2 Soul Sparks Item

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The Soul Sparks are just a singular quest item you can find in Remnant 2. So you don’t have to worry about collecting a bunch of items scattered throughout N’Erud. But that still leaves the location of this thing a mystery. Well, in my case, I found the Soul Sparks in a small laboratory located in the Eon Vault zone. The laboratory in question wasn’t its own area like a typical dungeon in Remnant 2. It’s more akin to a small room that’s accessed by an elevator. Additionally, you can look at the picture below to see the building where the laboratory was found. The buildings like this on N’Erud may have the item you need for a quest.

Remnant 2 N'erud

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The Soul Sparks are hard to miss once you find them. Like other quest-related objects, they glow with a yellow light. And on a dark world like N’Erud, that little detail sticks out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Remnant 2, I can’t guarantee that this is where Soul Sparks will be for you. But being able to look out for the key telltale signs should help you find them much faster. The search would go a lot faster if you had a friend with you, so be sure to look into Remnant 2‘s co-op mode too.

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