Where to Get Hylian Tomatoes in Tears of the Kingdom

Totk Hylian Tomato Harvesting
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom expects you to live off the land, much like Breath of the Wild did before it. That works best if you have plenty of healing items, and one of the best healing items you can find early in the game is a dish of Simmered Tomatoes. It requires only one ingredient type. Here is our guide on where to get Hylian Tomatoes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – where to get Hylian Tomatoes

Once you finally clear the initial few shrines in the sky and descend to Hyrule’s surface, you’re close to a terrific location to gather Hylian Tomatoes. When you cook five of them at once, you’ll produce a version of Simmered Tomatoes that can restore more than 10 hearts, which should get the job done for a good long while.

To easily get Hylian Tomatoes, explore the forest around Batrea Lake. The map below shows the general region (marked by the yellow cooking pot stamp), which is absolutely loaded with tomatoes.

Totk Hylian Tomato Location Map

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When you first start playing, finding Batrea Lake might prove a chore because you don’t have a map available. Start at Lookout Landing and follow roads while veering mostly south until you find Riverside Stable. It’s a convenient landmark that you can spot from a decent distance thanks to the rising puffs of smoke visible by daylight. Once you find the stables, follow the road southwest and take a left at the fork in the path to cross over Owlan Bridge. On the east side of that bridge, you encounter dense forest around Batrea Lake. Pretty much immediately, you should see the first plant with Hylian Tomatoes.

If you explore the forest thoroughly, you’ll find plenty more tomatoes to follow. I usually gather around 40 tomatoes in a single run, which requires only a minute or two. Most local enemies are quite weak, plus there are boars and mushrooms. It’s the perfect area to gather useful ingredients for your recipes. Return periodically, after each Blood Moon, if you need more of the crop. Besides healing you a lot, a good Simmered Tomatoes dish sells to merchants for 36 rupees. Tomato harvesting is good for your health and your wallet!

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