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Which faction should you side with in Fallout: New Vegas? All endings explained

Sometimes, the house doesn't win.

So you have the chip in your hands, and now the world of Fallout: New Vegas lies at your feet. What you decide to do with this power is up to you, and the side or faction you choose will forever change the landscape of New Vegas. Here are a few of your options.

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The art of Obsidian

Anyone who has played through the various Fallout games may have noticed something a little different about Fallout: New Vegas. The writing feels different, and the plot takes a much more unique direction in comparison to the usual leave vault—find family, trope of most of the others. This is because Fallout New Vegas was written by Obsidian, the same people who made Wasteland, Oblivion, and Star Wars: KOTOR.

Despite Bethesdas’s long run of games—and I by no means say they’re not wonderful—Obsidian always brings something new to the table. The developer has the freedom and imagination to think outside the box. For me, their writing and games result in a much more involved and deep narrative. That’s why, at the end of Fallout: New Vegas, the choice between factions and sides are so major.

Who should you help in Fallout: New Vegas, and what is the outcome

As you come to the closing chapters of New Vegas there will be four choices available to you. You can choose between the tyrannical Mr. House, the Barbaric Caesar’s Legion, the governmental NCR, or take the independent victory alongside Yes Man. Any one of these will have drastic changes for the Wasteland, and the power is in your hands.

I will break down each of the endings and what conditions need to be met to reach them. However, if you don’t want spoilers, I will try my best to keep as much of the ending as possible to the end of each section. I can’t promise completely spoiler-free writing. After all, the best way to find out is just by playing the game.

Mr. House

By completing “The House Always Wins” questline, Mr. House will once again rise to power. This questline will have you methodically moving around the map, wiping out Mr. House’s enemies, and re-establishing his power. Once your tasks are complete, the strip will be once again under the complete control of Mr. House.

This is one of my favorite endings. It’s a perfect of the chaotic evil choice. Mr. Hose is a dictator of sorts, for sure, but he is dedicated to the well-being of New Vegas. He wants the Legion and the Brotherhood of Steel dead, but both of those struggle to ever coexist. However, choosing Mr. House as your side in New Vegas doesn’t mean you need to kill the NCR. You can simply give them a wake-up call and make them sort their stuff out.

Fallout New Vegas Faction
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Mr. House ending

By choosing to go along with all of Mr House’s requests in Fallout: New Vegas, you will have to wipe out the Legion and Brotherhood factions and take back control of the Hoover Dam from the NCR. The New Vegas Strip returns to its pre-war regime with orderly, well-managed streets and crime obliterated. Mr House has won, and the whole area is once again under his iron fist.

Independent choice in Fallout: New Vegas

This is an Obsidian game, so of course, there is the option to go it alone. When you are the main character, you don’t necessarily need to side with a faction. By choosing to use the ever-helpful Yes Man robot, you can take the diplomatic power of Fallout: New Vegas for yourself.

Using the all-powerful chip, The Courier can either upgrade the Securitron Army or not and kill Mr House. Yes Man will then activate an enormous Securitron army, taking power for the Wasteland and putting it in your incredibly inexperienced hands.

Although this seems like a great idea for the more selfish players among us, the question stands. What makes you worthy of leading?

Yes Man fallout
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Yes Man ending

So you’ve made the choice to take back control of New Vegas from the various warring factions in Fallout: New Vegas. Now what? You’re an independent courier with no experience managing people, factions, crime, economy, or anything. You’re just a post-apocalyptic Uber driver. Depending on the choices you make in the game, you will either have carnage on the strip or peace and order, but it is entirely dependent on your robot army.

Peace is a fragile thing in the wasteland, and it is currently only being upheld by the vice grip of Securitron violence. Sure, you’re the boss now, but do you have the qualities of a good and fair leader?

NCR faction in Fallout: New Vegas

The NCR is what many consider to be the ‘Good’ ending in the fact that it is probably the best thing for the wasteland in general. However, despite its probable benefits for Fallout: New Vegas, this faction choice always feels a bit too peaceful for me.

The NCR is dedicated to pre-war civilisation and government. It is an enormous organisation and, honestly, one of the best bets for bringing the country together. They want to bring power and order to the Wasteland in a very democratic way. Even in Fallout: New Vegas, choosing to side with this faction can be a democratic choice. Helping them win the fight for the Hoover Dam doesn’t mean the end for everyone else.

Ncr Fallout New Vegas
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NCR ending

The NCR ending in Fallout: New Vegas is usually one of democracy and annexation, depending on your choices as a player. Once the Hoover Dam has been taken full control of, the NCR is able to negotiate treaties for the rest of New Vegas. Despite their many flaws, their ever-expanding reign of power will eventually include New Vegas.

Join The Legion faction in New Vegas

So you’re into a bit of murder, slavery, and other nasty pastimes, are you? Then why not give the good old Caesar’s Legion faction choice a go in Fallout: New Vegas? The beauty of playing through an Obsidian game is that sometimes you can side with a really rotten ending, and I think the Legion in New Vegas is the faction for it.

The Legion in Fallout: New Vegas are barbaric, oppressive, and dangerous, led by a single man. This is where the problem lies. Once Ceasar falls, so does the Legion and everything they have built. Sure, trade is good, and they’re incredibly powerful, but their stability is incredibly fragile.

Ceasars Legion is a pretty wild choice for any playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. It means a rough time for anyone in New Vegas, but that’s maybe what you want.

Ceasars Legion New Vegas
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Ceasars Legion ending

With Ceasar back on his feet, he will march on the strip and take absolute power of New Vegas. Everyone will be either enslaved or living under the yoke of Caesar’s Legion. Peace will come to New Vegas but at a heavy price.

What is the best ending for Fallout: New Vegas

Honestly, there is no right faction to choose in Fallout: New Vegas and no ‘good’ ending. This is the result of Obsidian’s fantastic writing. By making every choice have such depth and moral dilemma, once you see those title cards roll, it’s time to boot up and try again.

The best ending is entirely dependent on you and how you interact with the game throughout. Maybe one particular NPC convinced you one way, or perhaps one faction’s goals aligned with yours during this playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas.

Every playthrough can be different, and that’s the mark of a good RPG.

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