Will Depresso become Palworld’s Pikachu?

Depresso Mining Palworld
Image: iAmSyther

We all know Pikachu as the leading face of Pokémon, even for those who don’t care about the franchise. In the same vein, will Depresso become the symbol of everything Palworld?

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Depresso may become the most exposed Pal for Palworld

As an avid fan of Palworld, I often peruse the Palworld Subreddit to find memes, insane builds, and discussions surrounding the game. In my incessant browsing, I have noticed that one Pal in particular receives a lot of fan art and attention: Depresso.

In fact, that Pal has become the icon for the subreddit, where you can see one mining away with the zeal of a snail. Every franchise has its figurehead, and Depresso may be the most overexposed Pal there is for this role.

And it’s not just me that’s picked up on this, either. One user, Zinthaniel, openly asked the question “Is Depresso going to be our Pikachu?”

Despite some players having other opinions, most would vote “yes” in a heartbeat should it ever come down to one.

It seems that with the subreddit writhing with Depresso praise, memes, and images, as well as it being the icon for the community, Depresso has a chance to become the one Pal people think of whenever they think of Palworld.

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It begs the question: why is Depresso so popular?

Of all the shared media surrounding this unbothered Pal, it seems that most flock to this Pal due to one thing. Relatability.

Depresso has a hilarious range of animations. When it’s transporting, it drags the item behind it. When chilling in the hot spring, it’s face down and limp. When it’s mining, it barely musters the effort for a full swing. This lazy yet adorable movement set makes this Pal stand out from the others.

Depresso Hottub In Palworld
Image: AlucardHellsing808

On top of that, its Partner Skill is literally it simply consuming caffeine to become much, much faster.

It’s no secret that people these days lack the motivation and care for their day jobs under a crippling capitalist regime. It’s also no secret that caffeine is what keeps most of us going. Seeing these motivation-crushing aspects of our lives represented through the hilariously grouchy Depresso is simply comical. Out of all the Pals, this one seems to be the most “relatable.”

The final nail in the coffin for this Pal’s perpetual popularity? Its name. I mean, come on, Depresso screams of a mixture between depression and espresso, the two things it seems to represent given a goofy and overt combination.

So, it’s no wonder that players became attached to Depresso and have been throwing their love for this Pal all over the Subreddit. I don’t think Depresso will leave the heart of the fanbase any time soon.

Now that you know all about Depresso’s rise to fame, why don’t you learn how to deal with slacking and upset Pals in Palworld?