Wintry Bell Farming Route And Locations In Wuthering Waves
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Wintry Bell farming route and locations in Wuthering Waves

For character ascensions.

Wintry Bell is one of many ascension materials required to ascend certain characters in Wuthering Waves, so let’s discuss the best farming route and locations.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Wintry Bell locations and farming route

Wintry Bell is an ascension material required for Aalto, Sanhua, and Yangyang. If you have any of these characters the best farming route for gathering Wintry Bell is at the Tolling Stream.

Although many materials like Scarletthorn are available all over Huanglong, you can only find flowers in certain condensed areas. You can find this white flower around the Gorges of Spirits. Specifically, you’ll want to explore around the edges of the Tolling Stream, which is where the Bell-Borne Geochelone resides. This is a boss Echo you can fight for skill upgrade materials like the Monument Bell.

Wintry Bell Farming Route And Locations In Wuthering Waves Tolling Stream
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

You’ll find around 32 Wintry Bell flowers both in and around the Tolling Stream. Wintry Bell doesn’t show up anywhere else, so until these flowers respawn you’ll only acquire 32 at a time. Although we don’t know the exact timing, materials like flowers may take around 24 hours to respawn for more farming.

Besides the open world, you can get Wintry Bell from Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou for 3,000 Shell Credits each. It’s a bit pricy, and the pharmacy only has 15 in stock at a time before it restocks. This is why it’s better for you to just go farming for it instead of wasting your money.

Other than being used as character ascension materials, Wintry Bell is also useful for crafting consumables such as Glacio Petrol and Glacio Resistance Spray. You can craft these items at a Synthesizer, and they each require two Wintry Bell and one Base Fluid to craft.

Now you know how to find Wintry Bell and farm it in Wuthering Waves! Other character ascension materials are just as important to farm, such as Lanternberry.

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