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How to find all Yiga Clan Schematics in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Building options galore.

One of the many, many items you can collect in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes in the form of the Yiga Schematics. At first, you can’t do anything with them, but that changes once you acquire the Autobuild ability. The Yiga Schematics provide you with preset templates for contraptions that you would normally build with Ultrahand but can generate automatically with Autobuild. For those who want to go crazy with Zonai devices but have trouble coming up with creative contraption ideas, these schematics should help greatly in that regard. Tears of the Kingdom contains 34 Yiga Schematics in total; read on to learn how to acquire them all.

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Collecting the Yiga Schematics in Tears of the Kingdom

Every Yiga Schematic in Tears of the Kingdom is located in the Depths, specifically in the many Yiga Clan camps you can find down there. Each camp contains a single Yiga Schematic locked away in a shed guarded by a specific Yiga Clan member. The member in question has a glowing circular symbol emanating behind him, and you can always find him riding around on some kind of contraption.

These specific Yiga members only have a single hit point, so firing an arrow is usually enough to take him down. Doing so will remove the seal locking the shed, allowing you to head inside and open the chest containing the schematic.

You can take a look at all of the Yiga Schematic locations below if you need them.

Tears Of The Kingdom Yiga Schematics Map Locations

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Obtaining the Yiga Schematics in Tears of the Kingdom will give you a lot of versatility regarding the kinds of contraptions you can conjure out of thin air. Just make sure that you have plenty of Zonaite on hand so you can Autobuild them without needing to find all of their pieces yourself.

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