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2K Australia closing up shop

Sad news, everyone: reports have come in that 2K Australia is closing its doors. Kotaku Australia were told by an unnamed source that the Canberra-based studio was shutting up shop, with 2K itself later providing…

By: Tim McDonald

Evolve’s opening cinematic has more Goliath grappling

Turtle Rock explains and defends Evolve’s DLC

After the furore that erupted around Evolve‘s mass of DLC on Tuesday, Turtle Rock have responded and attempted to explain their decisions. A lengthy response by Turtle Rock’s Phil Robb popped up late last night,…

By: Tim McDonald

Evolve’s Evacuation trailer hints at mode with multiple monsters

Evolve’s PC specs revealed

Will you need a monster of a computer to run Evolve? Now that 2K and Turtle Rock have released the specs, we have some idea. According to the post on the Evolve site, the following are…

By: Tim McDonald