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Someone is making a Fallout 3 “Demake” on the Gameboy

Just in case you're still using the classics.

In this day and age, older popular games typically get remade for newer consoles and devices for that “next gen” experience. However, Aggressive-Film3872 is embarking on a “demake” for Fallout 3 to be played on the Gameboy.

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Fallout 3 on the Gameboy

Fallout 3 is a hotly debated game, with some saying it’s lack of QoL features and dated aspects making it obtuse and enjoyable, with others saying that it’s the most “Fallouty” of the Bethesda Fallout titles. Whatever your opinions are on Fallout 3, this project will surely interest you.

Aggressive-Film3872 showcased their work-in-progress demake for Fallout 3, being played on a gameboy emulator. It is incredibly impressive, and the art style is clearly inspired Dragon Quest, something the genius behind this stated themselves.

Due to the limitations of the Gameboy, many features have been altered, from the navigation of the world to combat.

Combat, in this demake, will be turn-based, using AP to take actions. This, combined with the top-down perspective, makes this Fallout 3 remake incredibly similar to Interplay’s Fallout and Fallout 2. So this project is more than just a Fallout 3 remake, it’s almost an Interplay-inspired revamping of Fallout 3 (that can be played on the Gameboy).

So far, Aggressive-Film3872 is in the very early stages of development, saying that they’re almost done with the vault intro. It would be a huge undertaking to recreate Fallout 3 faithfully, so I’m expecting that the experience may be streamlined, although that makes for an incredibly unique experience on its own.

Aside from the development, Aggressive-Film3872 also is making all the pixel art, something they’re learning “on the go” for the project. With having to learn new skills and work around the limitations of the coding system, this is no easy feat, which makes it all the more impressive.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything else about this project, so make sure to follow them on Reddit for updates if you wish to follow the demake of Fallout 3.

Whilst you’re waiting for the Fallout 3 demake, however, you can revel in Fallout 3 and its DLCs to get prepared.

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