Achron Available For Pre-Order

Hazardous Software has announced that Achron is now available for pre-order.Those who pre-order Achron now will have a while to wait before they get the full version in their hands – the current projected release date is 1/1/11 – but purchasers will get access to a regularly updated build of the game, currently containing a smattering of single-player and tutorial levels.Achron is an RTS with a difference: the ability to move forwards and backwards in time, and see the effects of actions. A player ordering an attack can skip to the future and see the likely results, or build units in the future using resources not yet acquired and then send those units back in time.It’s mind-bogglingly clever, but you can get a feel for how it all functions with the videos on Hazardous Software’s YouTube page.Multiplayer functionality is expected to be added to the playable builds in March, with more single-player levels to come later in the year.

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