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Crafty Croft: Lara learns to survive in this Tomb Raider footage

Crystal Dynamics have made no secret of the fact that they want Tomb Raider players to feel “protective” towards Lara Croft in this forthcoming title. Whether that’s in the same sense that I feel “protective” of the little block shapes when I play Tetris, or a different, creepier, sense, is yet to be established.

In this latest trailer, Croft is busy tending to the wounded captain from the shipwrecked vessel that’s dumped her on this odd island. She’s also trying to round up various missing crew members who’ve either been abducted by local inhabitants or maybe just wandered off. That means picking up climbing, bow firing and river fording skills pretty sharpish.

Luckily she’s a videogame character so that should all come pretty naturally.

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