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Crytek’s free to play FPS Warface goes live next week

Warface (2)

Warface is a funny beast, the beta testing for the FPS was up and down like a yo-yo. Now it appears that enough of the game has been tested  and Crytek’s free to play shooter will be released on 21 October once and for all.

We have to assume that they’ve sorted all the problems out with the horrendous GFace system which was a right pain in the arse to use, it caused a lot of shouting at the screen when we tested the game a few months back.

As Warface is free to play, a simple sign-up is all that’s required on when the game launches. Now here’s a launch trailer.

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  • sorudo

    any co-op PvE or just another PvP arena game.

    • Rushster

      Yeh, there is co-op PVE.

      • sorudo

        whoooo, about time one came along, now to hope it’s a decent game.