Dead Space is free on Origin until 8 May, more games coming

dead space

Give Isaac a good home, today.

EA really, really wants you to give Origin a try. The latest initiative to get you to sign up is pretty convincing though; it’s called On the House and it involves EA throwing free PC games at you.

Do you want a copy of Dead Space for PC? Good. You can have one. For nothing (except an Origin sign-up.) You don’t even need to decide in a hurry, because the game can be downloaded for free until 8 May.

Dead Space isn’t the greatest PC port in the world, and has some specific issues with mouse input. You can mitigate this slightly by (if I remember correctly,) disabling v-sync. Or you could use a controller instead, which avoids the problem entirely (unless you don’t want to use a controller, then it just adds a different problem.)

According to EA, ‘On the House’ specials can “appear and disappear at any time.” It doesn’t mean they’ll disappear from your library though; the publisher says that once Dead Space is downloaded, it’s yours to keep. That is to say, as much as any digital game can ever be said to be “yours,” anyway.

There isn’t any indication of what game might be next in line for this treatment, but the fact that the scheme has a special name suggests more titles will be on the way at some point in the future. For now, Isaac’s original survival horror space adventure is yours for free.

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  • DavyD

    The best way EA can make people give Origin a try is to un-crappify it.

  • Executr

    Thanks for the heads up. I already have it (on Steam and Origin), but this is good news. I never had those issues, but I don’t usually turn v-sync on.
    Currently playing through the 2nd game and I’m enjoying alot. These games have some Aliens vibe.

  • fred66

    Unfortunately it’s region specific
    Being an Australian currently living in Germany I am unable to have the game in English.
    It is only offered in German or French.

    So another fail by EA.

    • lazerbeak

      I find that surprising I thought English was pretty popular in Germany

  • lazerbeak

    I hate Origin ild rather pay for the game, then download a crack

  • teh epic pwnzer diehardddddddddd dead space boi

    Screw you newbs ima boss and ill pwn yall at evryting in teh game im teh diehardd dead space boi can pwn u foolz trlly frlly turds!@#%%^&**&)(*&(^%$^%^&*%$#%$^&%^&*$^%$#$^&%*%$&^#$##&%$&^%$&^%$$%$^%$()

    • One of those who actually spells right

      That’s terrible English. Try spelling correctly once in a while…

  • Scott

    No wonder they’re giving it away, wish I hadn’t wasted my limit downloading it. Obviously yet another shoddy crossover- has options to change controls but it doesn’t work- NO I REFUSE TO USE WASD keys.

    • Noobs These Days

      @Scott above me

      WSAD is the mainstream way of movement for most games and by far it is the most effective because it keeps your hand in range of most other buttons (e.g 1-5 , e / f / r) etc so you can play 99% of games effectively.

      You clearly are not a true PC gamer if you have to resort to using other methods to move around and using your mouse for movement is JUST as retarded.


      • PartyDawg

        Actually, WASD isn’t the most effective. in fact, the most effective is ESDF, since you’ll have even more keys at your disposal, than the conventional WASD.

  • Anbear

    yea, even if WASD is the most common movement keys, why would they limit it?
    Not really buying the ESDF as much more efficient though, as you can map the keys left of WASD anyway.