Diablo 3 expansion announcement for Gamescom?

Diablo 3

Earlier this week sites were notified about various Diablo 3 panel discussions with the press at Gamescom and a subsequent email has dropped which reads:

“You are invited to join Blizzard Entertainment at a press conference on the first day of gamescom 2013. We’re making a special announcement that’ sure to capture the attention of the Heavens, Burning Hells and all the shadowed places that lie between.”

It was thought that Blizzard might hold out until BlizzCon in November for a Diablo 3 expansion announcement but this latest email certainly hints that they could be ready to reveal the next part in the Diablo story.

Also today Blizzard’s Nick Carpenter placed a post on Twitter which read “wrapped another amazing cinematic. Can’t wait to show the world!”.  When Diablo 3 was announced back in 2008 at the WWI in Paris it was revealed with a cinematic so this new piece of footage could be part of an expansion reveal.

Speculate away folks, but it’s looking like Gamescom could bring some more Diablo 3 news that’s more than just system changes.

Thanks Diablo: IncGamers.

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  • fsj

    I’m not as excited about this as I should be =[. Faint glimmer of hope that my high expectations of this game can be met but…..doubt it!

  • kiroptus

    It has a good chance of being the D3 expansion due to their wording but I still feel quite lukewarm about it since for me its at least so far away to have an approval. After the huge dissapointment that was D3 I am still on the defensive about having any hype on anything related to D3. I would have to wait for the expansion to be released and gather at least one-two months of player feedback to see if blizzard actually did right this time.

    I am certainly curious about the expansion info but I am not feeling excited about it.

  • Iamnotalwaysright

    Well, is it going to be even more pay2win? Are we going to have the same Credit-card based expansion as the D3 base? More artificial “loot-hunt” where loot can only be obtained with IRL money and there is no other way to gear your characters up for so-called “end-game” content?
    If so, THX Bobby but I’m out of all your pathetic money-grabbing products!

  • blizzard fan

    Just cose blizz gave you the opportunity to cheat legally without 3rd party scammers, doesnt mean that: 1 you have to pay to win, 2 if you do keep it quiet and 3 dont feel scammed if all your gear will lose all the value due to expantions and new content. Bring it on Blizzy we would love more content to destroy!!